MIND BLOWING COLLABS: Maraming Makikinig by BRB – Vocalist of Join The Club, Soapdish, and Typecast collab!

Creating a new inventive anthem for the voice of the nation, Maraming Makikinig by BRB shows how subtly ballsy musicians can be.

Bringing great tunes for the rebellious, our favorite alternative rock bands collide. Vocalists of Join The Club, Soapdish, and Typecast explodes with a cutting-edge collaboration under Badiola Renia Bolivar or simply BRB. ‘Maraming Makakarinig’ tells us to lose the fear of voicing out our thoughts. Because in this era of controversy and criticism, we need more than just idle hands and pent-up angst.

In case you don’t know Join The Club, Soapdish, and Typecast, then you’re probably missing out. A lot. Ruthless and edgy, they’re all known for their stupendous sound of alternative and rock in the local music scene. In this new song, it features the frontmen and vocalists of the three bands. And that’s as star-studded as it can be. All three bands are alternative rock bands with different tunes and variety.

Typecast’s Steve Badiola, Join The Club’s Biboy Renia and Soapdish’s Jeff Bolivar came from different backgrounds. Their music varying from one another. But this time, they set those differences to bring something that will surely resonate to everyone. Because for them, ‘Maraming Makikinig’ speaks for every Filipino out there.

The combination of their music opens up with strong guitar riffs. Beaten down with guitar-bass-and-double-kick-drums, it adds to that dramatic flair. And event with their vocals different from each other, it complements the song just well. The jarred and gruff voice of Badiola, Renia’s guttural yet bittersweet vocals, and Bolivar’s gruff melody are the tunes that every music lover would want to hear.

More than just idle hands and pent-up angst

Let’s cut to the chase, this collaboration is nothing but revolutionary. True enough, the past few years have been good for OPM and the whole local music community. It’s alive and kicking. Of course, collaborations happen here and there. But one thing that sets apart this collaboration is the end goal of their song itself. It’s more than the heartbreak songs, the romance tearjerkers and anti-love anthems.

‘Maraming Makikinig’ is a call to action. People think that rock is all just pent-up angst and thoughts. But it’s not. This collaboration speaks on behalf of the people who want to be heard. People are afraid to voice out their thoughts. With all the backlash they can possibly receive, why would they risk it, right? But this song tells you that you should. Because who will if you won’t?

There’s a lot of problems in society. And if you just stay idle, the change will never occur. Yes, there will be naysayers. There will always be people who will laugh at you and tell you otherwise. But nevertheless, there will be people who will hear you. And even little by little, change will come. It’s inevitable. And eventually, they’ll get what’s coming for them.

So if ‘Maraming Makakarinig’ resonates with your thoughts, then be sure to listen to it on Spotify!

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