Double the heart eyes, darlings! Our boys LANY and Lauv are cooking up a collab, and we can’t wait to get a taste of it!

It’s been over a month since Lauv expressed his liking for LANY’s music and we all went crazy about it! The band even replied to the tweet and Lauv replied, saying they should make a song!

Lauv + LANY = Heaven

Fans of both artists are all for the two artists creating the collab! Who wouldn’t be? LANY and Lauv both sound good separately and have pretty unique sounds, but together, we all think that their music would sound great! Not to mention the way that they write their songs. LANY’s are just keeping it real, may it be about heartbreaks or falling in love. Their songs tackle things that happen in relationships, too. And the writing style is so vivid that it’s as if you’re living in the moment with them. Which is why when they released their latest album, the world’s heart broke with them. Lauv takes you there with the feels, too! So we think it would actually turn out great. At first, it was only hypothetical since the LANY frontman didn’t respond to that tweet at least publicly. But knows if they talked after that?

And then, on April 11, our daydream had just come true. Just recently, the two confirmed, in a way, via posts on Twitter that they are indeed working on something! They talked about being on their way to the studio. And this just got the fans even more hyped!

The fact that he just called Lauv “bb boy” is too cute! Anyway, this just confirms that we are now going to witness a collaboration between the two! This is not something the Twitterverse can keep quiet about, for sure!

I know, and we get you! Although we’re not sure the song is going to be heartbreaking yet, we’re excited about it nonetheless! Who knows? This might just be the song that will complete your year!

Are you as excited about LANY’s and Lauv’s collaboration as we are? What do you think the song will be about? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.