IV of Spades x Moira dela Torre song collab of ‘Huli Na Ba Ang Lahat’ is definitely mind blowing, and we just couldn’t get enough of their first-ever collaborative track!

The first-ever collab of IV of Spades x Moira dela Torre was performed last October 8 (Monday) at the Wish 107.5 bus. Together with Acer Philippines, #AcerDay finally unveiled the original collab of ‘Huli Na Ba Ang Lahat.’ FINALLY, GUYS!

And if you haven’t seen this amazing rendition by the two artists, don’t worry. We have the full video performance right here for you!

Ipagtagpo ang mundo
Babalik sa’yo
Pagdating ng panahon
Sa’yo pa rin patungo
Sa’yo, sa’yo hanggang dulo

Ever experienced the brutal concept of “right love at the wrong time”? Well, ‘Huli Na Ba Ang Lahat’ by Moira dela Torre and IV of Spades is exactly about that. It is a song about young love, which could have been the real deal if only the timing was right. #SadReaccsOnli

Moire dela Torre and IV of Spades

Moira dela Torre presents us with yet another mind blowing collab after her successful performances with Ben&Ben, December Avenue, AJ Rafael, and Nieman. Moira dela Torre made herself known through her heartbreaking hit songs ‘Malaya’ and ‘Tagpuan.’

And we’re sure you’ve heard of IV of Spades with their hit songs ‘Mundo,’ ‘Hey Barbara,’ and ‘Ilaw Sa Daan.’ And we’re sure that you were probably amazed with their mashup with Shanti Dope of ‘Bata, Dahan-Dahan x Nadarang.’ As if that wasn’t enough for the band and the rapper, their collab of ‘Sa Kahapon‘ was mind blowing too!

Now, IV of Spades x Moira Dela Torre presents us with a captivating original collaboration. Can’t get enough of their mesmerizing song? Then sing along to their ‘Huli Na Ba Ang Lahat’ now!

And it really seems like we’re not the only ones going crazy because of Moira dela Torre and IV of Spades! We have some of your best tweets about the collab here too.

We totes agree to this!

SAME, FAM. Same.

*chants* WE WANT MORE!

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