Your ex wants to come back together with you but he had hurt you so much, you’re simply not having it. KZ Tandingan would say it’s impossible, too! Her new single, ‘Imposible’ with Shanti Dope is out now!

“I’m so over it”—this seems to be the vibe that KZ Tandingan is giving us with her new single called ‘Imposible’! And of course, to give the song a whole new flavor, is Shanti Dope. With this song, we’re not all about second chances. We’ve had enough! Just like its catchy tunes, the official music video will surely catch your eyes, too! Check it out!

First of all, love the hair! The music video lighting and wardrobe compliment KZ’s look, and its colorful vibe tells us that no, we’re not gonna be doing any crying today. That’s so yesterday!

KZ and Shanti Dope

KZ Tandingan isn’t one to be known for staying inside the box when it comes to her art. So much talent and skills in singing. Just recently, she represented the Philippines in China’s Singer 2018 where she impressed people all around the globe with her rendition of ‘Rolling In The Deep’. It was also in this competition that she stepped out of her comfort zone and sung a song in Mandarin called ‘The Hurts You Never Knew’. And we all were moved by it even though we did not understand the lyrics! This only proves how effective she is in delivering the emotion that the song needs.

On the other hand, Shanti Dope is also known to excel in his own genre of music. If you think about it, him and KZ pairing up for a song isn’t such a bad idea. It actually makes a lot of sense! KZ’s very distinct voice with his makes for a whole new sound we haven’t heard before!


Stop making second chances happen. It’s not going to happen. We think that KZ made it clear enough in this song! ‘Imposible’ talks about the struggles the singer had to go through after finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her, only for him to be going after her again. On the other hand, Shantidope’s part was taken from the boyfriend’s point of view instead. In the lyrics, he was acknowledging how wrong he was and that it would be absurd to ask for a second chance. But all in all, for the girl, it’s a tad too late.

You can also listen to the song on Spotify!

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