With its trendy beats and amazingly smooth vocals, Billy Crawford’s ‘Halika Na’ featuring Skusta Clee is sure to make you want to come home to your SO!

We have known Billy Crawford to be a very good singer and performer, but now, he has teamed up with Skusta Clee to give us a song we’ll be sure to play for days in a row! We know you can’t wait to listen to it! So here is the official lyric video for ‘Halika Na’.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJZ4YEfW_tQ[/embedyt]

An unlikely pairing

Billy Crawford has built himself a well-established image in both local and international music scene. He is a top-notch performer and has collaborated with many talented artists. His last song before this one made our hearts stop with kilig as it highlighted the unique beauty and character of Filipinas.

Skusta Clee, on the other hand, is most often seen performing with his group, the Ex Batallion, and other renowned rappers such as Gloc 9. And while Billy’s performances are top-notch, we can’t say the less about Skusta Clee. I mean, have you heard this guy’s voice without effects? Hands down, a really great singer.

When I first saw that they did a collab, my initial reaction was “Eh, really?” It’s an unlikely pair because it always seemed like these two are in different worlds when it comes to music. Billy on RnB and Skusta Clee on hip-hop. But now, listening to this, I went, “Why didn’t haven’t we thought about this before???” I mean, if you notice, the two artists are both great singers. And while Skusta Clee mostly did rap songs, (this part I totally forgot) that he sings in many parts of them. And just singing together in ‘Halika Na’ combines both their voices beautifully. And it just makes sense, like PB and J, or pineapples on pizza.

Missing someone? This song might just be for you!

Yes, it talks about longing to come home to your special someone while you’re out on the road and working. This is a very common theme in Filipino marriages where the wife stays home to watch the house and the kids, while the man goes out to work for a living. And it might be truer for artists like them because when they go on tours or do shows for a long time–and that’s their job– they tend to miss out on personal stuff.

‘Halika Na’ is available for streaming on Spotify now!

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