Have you guys heard about the Hale X Coeli collab? It’s part of the #oktoberPHest INUMAN SESSIONS, and we love it!

We also listed this down in our #okterPHest INUMAN SESSIONS post. And true enough, Hale X Coeli rocked our socks off in at Cabin 420 just this October third.

So we have some of your Hale X Coeli collab #oktoberPHest videos right here. Why? ‘Cause we want to show the world just how two great OPM artists jam, of course.

Thank you Kim Nuñez for sharing your IG story (above video) with us!

The October third Hale X Coeli INUMAN SESSIONS isn’t exactly an official collab. It was more of a jam session in the name of Oktoberfest 2018.

And as these artists jammed out some of Hale’s best hits like The Day You Said Good Night, Kung Wala Ka, and Blue Sky, we can’t help but wish for them to record an official collab together!

Believe us. We have another video for you down below to prove how much they rocked that night with their sweet tunes.

With Coeli on the cello, and the boys of Hale on their usual instruments, we think this jam from the two artists is just PERFECT!

And just think about it, what if these two actually work on a collaboration? We mean, this kind of collab has been done before. And one of our faves is the one from #BeninBen (hehe). (But really, the #3B collab in the Karpos 2.2 show was a huge success, right?) And it would totally be amazing to see something like that again.

Of course more INUMAN SESSIONS collabs are coming up this Oktoberfest. But it’s not every week that super that we get a super lucky with a perfect combination like this Hale X Coeli collab. *continues to day dreams about a Hale X Coeli album*

How about you? Do you think Hale X Coeli should collaborate with an official track? Let us know in the comment section below. Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to talk about it in full-length with you, and if you guys have more videos to share with this about this, we’d LOVE to see ’em to. Hit us up!

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