Ely Buendia x Cheats‘ collaboration song ‘Grizzly Pool’ just came out today and it is amazing!

If you haven’t noticed, OPM or Original Pinoy Music is constantly improving and evolving into something that could be recognized globally. Moreover, a lot of gems have been popping here and there recently, which we are not complaining of! So when we heard the track ‘Grizzly Pool‘, which was a product of a collaboration between Ely Buendia and Cheats, we were really impressed. It was really different, but in a great way.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, check it out by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below!

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Isn’t the song good? It was just the type of music we love listening to. Angsty with a little bit of salsa on top.

Ely Buendia Cheats On Record

‘Grizzly Pool’ is the first single of Ely Buendia Cheats On Record, the collaboration between the two aforementioned artists under Offshore Music. If we must say so, this collab is probably one of the best things to happen this year. Because if you have listened to the track, they totally pull off a whole new different vibe that is fresh and hip together.

Frankly, ‘Grizzly Pool’ reminds us of 90’s American coming of age movies. The effects added to the vocals just felt like we were listening to the radio during the old times. It brought a certain wave of nostalgia, also because of the the hook which was really, really catchy. We love how this song screams ‘angst’ in an upbeat and fun way.

Notably, we have observed that the artists was able to complement each other in relation to their vocals and their music. Apparently, this collaboration has been 3 years in the making–something which we are all thankful for. Moreover, Offshore Music says that we should expect more from Ely Buendia Cheats on Record next year on 2020, which seems so far away.

Check out the announcement below.

Ugh, we can’t wait for more good tracks from this collab. We are a bit scared for 2020 to come, but we are also excited for all the things that it makes us look forward to!

Like us, did you like the collab single between Ely Buendia and Cheats? What did you think or feel when you listened to it? Share your answers with us by commenting down below! Or you can just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.