December Avenue X Khalil Ramos stuns everyone with their mind blowing collab of ‘Kahit Sa Panaginip’ in another episode of Coke Studio Homecoming!

Coke Studio Philippines, without a doubt, shook us with this unlikely pair! Who would’ve even thought that December Avenue X Khalil Ramos will be matched for a song collaboration? We know we definitely did not see this one coming!

But surprises are good, right? Because this mind blowing collab of ‘Kahit Sa Panaginip’ certainly is one for the books! And we have their full video performance for you right here.

December Avenue X Khalil Ramos on their collaboration

You’ve probably jammed to their hit songs ‘Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw,’ ‘Kahit Di Mo Alam,’ and ‘Eroplanong Papel.’ Because this 4-piece indie rock band called December Avenue has been causing a continuous stir in the OPM scene. And whenever we hear of this band, we are reminded of the pain that tugged at our hearts while listening to their songs!

Khalil told us that the music he really loves is more of the rock, and grunge-y, and so he was just going back to what he really loved.

December Avenue’s vocalist Zel Bautista says in an interview with

Khalil Ramos, on the other hand, placed second in ABS CBN’s reality show Pilipinas Got Talent when he was only a teenager. From then on, he was known in the music industry and in show business at the same time. And despite starring in teleseryes and films, he never let go of his passion and love for music.

We [December Avenue] were coming from the same perspective that it was a challenge, but let’s keep if free-flowing.  It was crazy but a super good experience, a reaffirmation of what I’ve been waiting for.

Khalil shared in the same interview as above.

December Avenue x Khalil Ramos, although an unlikely pair, surely kicked things off on their collab at Coke Studio Homecoming!

‘Kahit Sa Panaginip’

December Avenue and Khalil Ramos’ performance of ‘Kahit Sa Panaginip’ was heart-racing to say the least. December Avenue’s music and their vocalist’s captivating voice produced a music that would surely etch in your memories.

And though its December Avenue’s first time to perform with a solo male artist, they were able to match perfectly with the very talented Khalil Ramos. Their rock tunes complemented the performer in Khalil, and his experience in acting truly helped in conveying the emotions from each word of ‘Kahit Sa Panaginip.’

‘Kahit Sa Panaginip’ is a beautiful song that talks about the passion an individual has when they love someone.

Inside of everyone is that certain softness, we have those emotions inside of us.  What we do is we tell that story.

Zel of December Avenue says as he explained their music and lyrics in an interview.

With their mesmerizingly powerful rendition of ‘Kahit Sa Panaginip,’ December Avenue X Khalil Ramos definitely told a story through their music. And with their great performance, it is absolutely a mind blowing collab to remember!

So what to you think of the December Avenue X Khalil Ramos collaboration? Did the story of the ‘Kahit Sa Panaginip’ touch you too? Tell us what you think in the comment section below! Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would definitely love to know your thoughts and how the song made you feel.