Daniel Padilla and Moira Dela Torre’s ‘Mabagal’ MV shows us that no one’s too old for “kiligs”! Have you seen the music video for Himig Handog 2019?

When you hear Daniel Padilla and Moira Dela Torre’s latest drop, ‘Mabagal’, you can’t help but fall in love with Daniel’s voice. While the soft-spoken Moira is like the angel telling us to do so. Before you know it, your foot begins to tap and your head stars to nod and sway. And what more can we say with that sax playing in the background—deep, soothing, and sexy! Uggghhh.

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What about the MV though? It also gives off that same enigmatic feeling as the song itself. ‘Mabagal’ is set in the 1920s and Daniel and Moira are giving us that Peaky Blinders fashion sense! When you first see it, you’ll be immediately greeted by Daniel’s handsomely devilish grin and we’re like—guuurl. Is he the younger version of Frank Sinatra? DON’T DO US LIKE THAT DANIEL! How can his face be equally as good as his voice? While Moira blesses us with her completely stunning look and shows a different side to her! She sports a sexy purple lace dress matched with black lace gloves–very different from her usual innocent and pure looks. She completes her look with her luscious long wavy hair pinned to the side.

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The ‘Mabagal’ MV also surprised us as it also features Kathryn Bernardo and Jason Marvin as extras. In case you didn’t know, Kathryn Bernardo is a widely acclaimed actress and Daniel Padilla’s on-and-off-screen partner! While Jason Marvin is a singer, songwriter, and Moira’s husband.

And a little fun fact for y’all, the original soundtrack of Kathryn’s recent film, ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye‘, is sung by Moira and Jason! Now, Moira collabs with Daniel with another long song that’ll surely give you “kiligs”.

What’s it about?

Not getting too deep about it, ‘Mabagal’ basically tells us the joy of slow dancing. The MV shows us a group of elders dancing off to the tune of ‘Mabagal’. At the end of the video, we see an old woman all alone where the elders were dancing. We suppose she was reminiscing the happy memories of slow dancing in her younger years. ‘Mabagal’ is one heck of song that takes us back in time!

Even Moira goes on saying, “The whole time you listen to the song, nakangiti ka lang. It’s a song that could help young people appreciate slow dancing again.”

If you haven’t seen the music video of ‘Malaya’, catch it here!

Our new national “kilig” song was composed by Dan Martel Simon Tañedo as an official entry to this year’s Himig Handog songwriting competition. And we will know if ‘Mabagal” won this year’s competition on October 13So stay tuned!

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