Coke Studio PH brought us a collaboration straight out the oven! Legendary musician Noel Cabangon and rapper Curtismith teamed up to show their refreshing angle in today’s music.

Father and Son

For those who missed it, Coke Studio PH uploaded the first episode in full on their YouTube channel.

The subject of Curtismith’s father remains a little touchy to this day. It truly isn’t an easy topic to be very vocal about, but the rapper was able to confide in Noel about his father’s passing. Noel similarly has a son around the same age as Curtismith. The notion of family unearthed the collaboration’s father and son concept, providing an angle for their collaboration.

Switching Worlds

Noel started as a folk singer in the 80s while Curtismith is still on the rise. In order to understand each other’s dynamic, they took it upon themselves to recreate each other’s originals. It was almost like their renditions were aimed at their original target market; Noel’s being the late baby boomers/early Generation X and the Millennials with Curtismith correspondingly.

The singer-songwriter’s performance of “Jus Chillin” started off simple. The original proved to be a tad too wordy with the melody, but Noel’s revisions placed Curtismith’s lyrics accurately with his tune.

Curtismith took his place and sprinkled his forte all over “Kanlungan”.

“Payong Kaibigan”

Their passion for music stood as their common ground. There’s no denying that they are on two ends of the spectrum in terms of genre, audience, and age. After trading shoes, they came up with “Payong Kaibigan”.

“The idea of me as a father or as a friend giving advice to a young man… which made it easy for me to write the lyrics.”

Noel Cabangon and Curtismith broke the hackneyed wall of competition. They provided each other the space to show the audience what makes them noteworthy. Seems like a lot of people in the music industry can learn from this collaboration.