Coke Studio Homecoming this 2018 have been giving us some mind blowing collabs! And we can’t help but wonder who the next artists to have a ~duet will be.

So far, Coke Studio Homecoming has given us IVOShanti (IV of Spades with Shanti Dope), QuestJMS (Quest with Juan Miguel Severo), TiuChu (DJ Patty Tiu with Kriesha Chu), and SamXBen&Ben (Sam Concepcion with Ben&Ben). And there are still a lot more artists on their list.

So here’s the Coke Studio Homecoming video presenting all the local artists for 2018!

Did you guys get it? We’re sure you were totally excited to catch all their names. So we got the complete list of Coke Studio Homecoming artists for 2018 right here too:

  • Kriesha Chu
  • IV of Spades
  • Quest
  • Khalil Ramos
  • Patty Tiu
  • Sam Concepcion
  • AJ Rafael
  • December Avenue
  • Ben&Ben
  • Juan Miguel Severo
  • Moira dela Torre
  • KZ Tandingan
  • Shanti Dope

Eight out of 15 of these artists have already produced their collaborations for Coke Studio. And if you need the details for ’em we got you!


Hear the IV of Spades X Shanti Dope collab (with all the details you need) here.


Hear the Quest X Juan Miguel Severo collab (with all the details you need) here.


This episode is all about two dreamers who are still in the journey to fulfill their dreams. Ang advice nila DJ Patty and Kriesha? Keep moving forward and keep doing what you love to do! 💕


Hear the Sam Concepcion X Ben&Ben collab (with all the details you need) here on U Do U SOON!

And these are just half of what we’re expecting from this season of Coke Studio (Homecoming). Remember, there are still six artists who will give us their mind blowing collabs. Not to mention, their homecoming stories!

So which of Khalil Ramos, AJ Rafael, December AvenueMoira dela Torre, KZ TandinganPLUS THE SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST do you think will partner up for the next Coke Studio Homecoming episodes?

We have our eyes on a Khalil Ramos X December Avenue. And perhaps a KZ Tandingan X Moira dela Torre showdown—we mean—collab! Who else is up for that? Which leaves us with AJ Rafael, and perhaps another BIG FILIPINO YOUTUBER to join Coke Studio.

Man, we’re getting really excited just thinking about the possible Coke Studio Homecoming collaborations! We’re sure all of them will be MIND BLOWING.

How about you? Who do you want to see next for the Coke Studio Homecoming collaborations? Let us know in the comment section below. Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.