A bittersweet take on sacrifice and forgiveness in a relationship takes us back to nostalgic times. Take a step back as Ex by Callalily and Yeng Constantino tugs our broken yet hopeful hearts.

Teaming up together and giving us a piece of new music to cry for is Callalily and Yeng Constantino herself. Just a few days ago, the four-piece pop rock band Callalily dropped another music video for their song ‘Ex’. The new rendition of ‘Ex’ features the voice of Kean Cipriano, the band’s vocalist and Yeng Constantino.

If listening to ‘Ex’ for the first time, it would sound a bit masochist. It’s quite deceiving honestly. If you hear the word “ex” in a song, our initial thought is that it would be a diss song. But Callalily took a turn from that kind of song trope. Instead, it was a song about acceptance, forgiveness and true love. At some point in our life, someone had fallen for us and continued loving us, despite our pasts, flaws and mistakes. The good thing is, ‘Ex’ doesn’t suggest glamorizing accepting the red flags in a relationship. It’s more of both parties accepting what had happened and learning from it. And I think that kind of unadulterated love is beautiful.

Ethereal yet realistic

The video itself is ethereal but at the same time realistic. Kean and Yeng’s voices compliment each other. Yeng’s voice sounded angelic and ethereal, paired up with Kean’s warm and husky voice. The pair made sure to give the song a new feel, which surely paid off. Visuals-wise, the whole setup with their performance is amazing. They incorporated plant ornaments which added to the overall magical and surrealism of the music video. And yes, Yeng looked like a goddess the whole time!

From the looks of it, the girl in the music video is evidently seeing someone else behind her partner’s back. And a friend of her boyfriend caught her in the act and texted her boyfriend about it. But she deleted the text message just in time. Sounds familiar, right? I think, at some point, we’ve experienced that kind of situation. However, she reminisces the good times she’d had with her partner. And at the end of that day, she confesses about it. Of course, her boyfriend gets mad. But they make up. The girl ends the fling and her boyfriend forgives her.

It may sound stupid but if you truly love someone, you overcome that kind of obstacle together. Because if one harbors bad feelings about it, then it would be the end of a relationship. Even if you stay together, it fester until it breaks you both. But if you two learn from it and help each other heal from that disaster, then it would help you strengthen the relationship. And if you noticed the little flowers growing when they hugged in the end, then you’d know that it’s another spring season for them. From the ground up, they’ll heal and be stronger than ever.

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Love ain’t easy. And it won’t be. But if you and your partner knows how to handle things despite the storm, then you’d do great. There will always be red flags, mistakes and flaws in a relationship. We’re just human, after all. Like I said, it’s how you handle things. Because your greatest mistake and flaws might help you strengthen your relationship for the better.

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