YG Entertainment, please make it happen!!

Since July 23, the Korean pop superstars BLACKPINK have been teasing their first-ever full-length album set to release on October 2, 2020, leaving crumbs along the way for us all to guess who their next superstar “collaboration” is going to be with. (Read more: BLACKPINK Will Feature A Mystery Artist For New Release This August)

Speculation has been going around online since then when on July 28, Korean news outlet, MyDaily reports that it must be the “Hands to Myself” hit-maker Ms. Selena Gomez herself and the twitter crowd went wild!

On multiple occasions over the past few days, the names of the quartet have trended on Twitter alongside the American popstar’s,  with most fans (like us!) absolutely stoked for it to happen but with some expressing their disappointment over the pairing.

BLACKPINK’s label YG ENTERTAINMENT has since released a statement over the speculation, asking fans to wait patiently for the official announcement coming soon.

All we can say to that, Papa YG, is that if it’s not happening yet, it better be pencil-booked in the future!

Who else do you think could be collaborating with BLACKPINK if not Selena?

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