ICYMI, Zae is a rising female rapper who went viral with her song ‘Pantsu’. Now, she is having a collab with Because.

There are a lot of great releases in Filipino hip-hop recently and it seems like there’s another particular one that we should look forward to.

Last year, we were fortunate enough to have stumbled upon this talented woman named Zae. And after listening to her track titled ‘Pantsu’, we have been looking forward to all of her new releases. After all, she is cool as hell and she has a perspective that we think deserves the platform she is currently being given. Now, it appears that apparently, she collaborated with “Esmi” hip-hop artist Because.

Soon, they will be releasing their track (produced by NEXXFRIDAY) under Unorthodox Music.


As you can see below, both Zae and Because offered us a short peek on their upcoming release titled “WHY U”.

Because & Zae shows us a teaser of their NEXXFRIDAY-produced track “WHY U” droppin’ on our channel this Friday at exactly 7pm. 🌹🔜

[@because0801, @zaetan_, @nexxfrdy] pic.twitter.com/1zqNLUH9bF

— UNRTHDOX (@unrthdxmusic) January 19, 2020

Honestly from this teaser alone, we know that the track will be chill af. Also, Zae’s buttery-sweet vocals though! As said in the tweet, “WHY U” will be out on Friday at 7 pm so folks, we hope you patiently wait for it with us.

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