Mimiyuuuh in your area! Her debut single ‘DYWB’ is finally slating Youtube through her Music Video released under O/C Records. 

In case you haven’t known about this yet, Mimiyuuh just got signed under the O/C Records label. Yes, you’ve heard it right, the trending vlogger on Youtube, and commercial model, is a certified music artist now. Yay!

Indeed, we really love her unique talent in styling, her personality, and how she inspires others with her genuineness. Perhaps, her vibe will totally rock your quarantine mundanity!

Now, after serving us her official audio of ‘DYWB‘, Mimiyuuuh is offering now the latest music video of her track ‘Drink Your Water Bitch‘. In case you haven’t seen it yet, see it for yourself below!


What to remember?

Written by herself, ‘DYWB‘ relies heavily on pure comic performance and thrives on delivering us a message to simply always drink water. We could say that her fun sharp bars gave our ears a refreshment and the iconic playing of her voice definitely make this track a catchy one. 

What’s more, the comedian, social media personality, and now recording artist Mimiyuuuh, shared again her creative ingenuity, and witty costumes on ‘DYWB’ music video. Also, it’s kinda refreshing to see her loose yet easy to follow dance moves. 

Directed, conceptualized, and edited by Jaime Pacena II, the scrappy, vogue styled music video is definitely a reflection of Mimiyuuuh’s success as an entertainer and performer. As you can see her music video features some of the objects that have now become associated with her hit, viral videos, one of which is the now-famous ‘Lucky Star’ plastic cabinet. 

The reactions following its release is its own source of entertainment due to it containing so much of the same sharp wit and punch that is the staple of Mimiyuuh’s performances.

Overall, Mimiyuuuh’s new offering is truly a refreshing one and can add some hype to our weary minds in our busy lives. 

What do you think about Mimiyuuh’s newly-released track, ‘DYWB’?

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