Finding a new band to listen to? Say no more because we got you covered. Introducing MARI!

MARI is a rising indie band based in Bangkok consisting of Justin the lead vocalist, Jake the songwriter and drummer, and Inigo the lead guitar, bassist, and producer. One of their members, Jake, has Filipino blood running down in his veins. He said that his mother is half Filipino and he has a brother and cousins in Manila. 


Like other artists, they’re using their quarantine days to create music for the people. They also made a voice-over work for a Malaysian cartoon.

They became a band when Justin met Jake at a party. At first, they didn’t like each other, but with time they grew fond of each other, and along the way they met Inigo. They’re also music teachers and live performers. Sooner or later they realized and formed a band.

Their inspiration for making music is mostly their heartbreaks. They said that instead of dwelling on it they want to dance their heartaches away. Their type of genre is Indie Pop.


In the future, they want to collaborate with John wolf, Nirobe, and the Thundercat.

Sharing their special message for their Filipino fans, they said, “Mahal Kita and stay safe, see you soon.” So we are hoping after all this pandemic is done they will go to the Philippines.

They’re going to be releasing their album this year called: Altered State of Mind. They have upcoming shows this November and December. 


Follow MARI on Facebook at @MARIofficialband and listen to their first single Not Coming Down on Spotify and Youtube.

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