Asia’s Rising Star, Jannine Weigel shared her journey through a roundtable interview with the media hosted by MCA Music!

Since the release of her new single ‘Passcode’ under RedRecords, Jannine Weigel has continued to capture our hearts with her irresistible voice and infectious personality. This clearly showed during the roundtable interview our team took part in with the A-pop star.

To tell you, we’ve enjoyed talking to her because of her bubbly personality and she’s really ready to capture the hearts of many not just with her smile but of course with her own music as well.

Discover her more through our interview below!


Why pursue music?

During the interview, Jannine shared how her career started from modelling at a young age to finally diving in to making her own music. In case some of you didn’t know, Jannine moved to Thailand at a young age and pursued modelling, then acting, and eventually music.

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“I got into the entertainment industry when I was 10, that’s when I moved to Thailand. It was my first time living in a big city so there were a lot of opportunities. And I actually started with modelling and acting, first. I began as an extra and I would slowly get bigger roles. I also wanted to try bigger roles other than acting.”

As Jannine journeyed through her career, she decided to join her first singing competition at the age of 11. Little did she know, this decision of her would change her plans and sparked her passion for music. That’s when the A-pop star decided to pursue her career in music.

“After the competition, I got signed to my first record label in Thailand. After 6 months of being a trainee, I started my own Youtube channel.”

Now, Jannine’s Youtube journey started about 7 years ago. Originally just a try on using the platform, since a lot of influencers were doing it, Jannine’s audience grew bigger and bigger, and before she knew it, she already has 3.7 million subscribers under her name.

“I’d have to say that that’s definitely my most life changing decision ever. I don’t think I would be here if I hadn’t started my Youtube channel.”

Check her Youtube channel below!

 With Red Records

With the label’s commitment to shining light on the talents within ASEAN, RedRecords signed Jannine as the first-ever artist under them.

 “I couldn’t believe it when I found out RedRecords wanted me to be their first signing, It felt surreal, knowing that an international company had recognized me, a young girl based in Bangkok who started off doing covers on YouTube,” she says.

Before signing, Jannine worked singlehandedly, coping with all herself with the aid of supportive family – from her music to all her career choices. She believes that this background and the know-how and seasoned team of the label is a winning mix.

“My fans are going to love all the incredible surprises that we have in store for them. I cannot wait for them to hear my new music”.

More about her music

With her newly released single ‘Passcode’, an up-beat bop that will surely make you dance along while listening to it, Jannine has clearly reached beyond Asia. Her music video currently has more than 1 million views on Youtube.

You can also check more of her past songs and covers through her channel. What a way to get to know more about her and her vocal prowess!


Oh! What’s more,  as Jannine released the #PasscodeChallenge on TikTok, a lot of people have been joining the fun and we just can’t help but dance with it!


What are you waiting for? Stream Jannine Weigel’s ‘Passcode’ and join the #PasscodeChallenge now!

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