Get to know the Tennessee-based trio Sam Backoff, Savana Santos and Sami Beardenare!

Who could have thought that a seven-year friendship and an online band name generator can be an actual vessel for a successful genre-less musical that is now the trio now known as Avenue Beat?

The three became even widely more popular as they viral on Tiktok through their latest track ‘F2020‘! Let us get to know them more through this quick dive into their world through our exclusive interview below!


‘Freaking Delight’ ???

With their formula of humor and their existential vulnerability, we found that the trio is just like your typically funny friend you can chat with. To date, this is basically one of our best interviews!

You can just tell by how their laughs ricocheted in the room as they basically gave us the just “a normal” sleepover date with your girlfriends’ vibe during the call. It was also during this chat that these three ladies also shared how they skewered the pandemic with ‘F2020‘. 

F2020‘ is a supposed “failed single” and that is why they have just released it on TikTok for fun but guess what, the said track earned SEVEN million hits 48-hours later. It was truly a surprise, and to date, they’ve also been hailed by TechCrunch as the “Song of the Year,” in a tweet;  plus they also were endorsed by awesome artists (like them!) like Sara Bareilles and Maren Morris! 

A little more into F2020; they actually uploaded a snippet of the song on TikTok (quietly) with no intention of gaining views and then boom, surprise surprise! A lot of people actually shared the same sentiments regarding all the insanity that has been happening in the world this 2020; another funny fact — it should have been titled as ‘Freaking Delight’ till they agreed to change to ‘fuck 2020’. And I can honestly imagine how just perfect this change is!  

“One day, I was just on my couch and I got a phone call from Sam and she told me that Sami’s cat, Gumbo had died. And that was like the little feather on the top of the mountain of stuff that have been happening and it just all came, crumbling down  that day. And I was like, I need to say something, I need to like get therapeutic about this. So, I just got up on the mic and the first verse and chorus fell out and I sent it to them and they liked it.”- Savana

As artists

Aside from releasing a thematic-massively track, know that the trio put those words out for an even more intimate reason. And all we can do is to thank their genuine hearts with care for other people as well.

“I guess it’s always the job of artists to take what they’re feeling, make it into art, put it in the world so that people can relate it to it and I think during the pandemic, it;s for us to be honest about the things that we’re going through. The day today has changed so much but I think the thing that can never be allowed to change is the fact that we’re all trying to relate to each other through music and through art and we’re trying to foster these environment of empathy with each other and music is a very powerful vehicle for that”-Sami


Special message from Savana

And don’t forget, one of them is a Filipina! Yes, you’ve heard it, right. The lead vocalist of the group, Savana, is actually a Pinay. And here is what she has to say for her Filipino fans out there who also aspires to bring their talent to the international stage!

“I think just knowing that you have something special to say the thought of more Filipino artists and singers, getting the spotlight and being able to share their experiences is something that I think we need. if you’re a singer in the Philippines, you’re voice needs to be heard so keep on singing and keep on doing it cause I want more of that. I want more of them.”- Savana

If you want to dig in a little more to get to know them, you can just stream their songs on all available digital platforms out there including Spotify!

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What’s your favorite track from Avenue Beat so far?

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