Today in #pinoypride news, we cover the veteran frontman’s love for a kpop starlet as it reaches the very shores of Korea!

Last November 30th, the iconic OPM band Mayonnaise released their latest album entitled “Friends & Family” and while most of the album entries were along those lines, a certain track catches the attention of listeners for bearing Korean characters. Mayonnaise’s song “박채영” or Park Chaeyoung was confirmed by the band’s frontman and songwriter, Monty Macalino, as being about the BLACKPINK member indeed.


Articles of Mayonnaise’s Park Chaeyoung circulated K-media around January 5 where it eventually got featured in media giant SBS’s morning news program, Morning Wide.

As to why the Kpop star inspired the songwriter, Macalino shares that Rose had played a big part in lifting his spirits during a time when he was feeling low.

In an interview with uDOu for uDOu Beyond last August, the frontman shares he wrote the song after looking through Rose’s Instagram account during a time when he had been confined at the hospital for an ailment.

Mayonnaise’s Park Chaeyoung

The mellow track opens with a sample of Rose’s voice saying “Hi, everyone” setting the mood with her sweet chiming tones. Joining Monty Macalino’s vocals is Chino David and Julia Daniel. 

An official music video for the song was dropped on Christmas day as something of a Christmas present not only for PH BLINKS to relate to but for BLINKS worldwide.

Upon the MV release, #parkchaeyoung trends on PH Twitter charts with BLINKS all over the world cheering for our beloved local band with gratitude.

Stream Park Chaeyoung as well as the entire sumptuous album by Mayonnaise “Friends & Family” out now on all digital streaming platforms!


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