Bridging two cultures together, MANILA GREY introduces a new ~wave~ of Filipino-Canadian hip-hop music with ‘No Saints Loading’

They’re going super sonic!

ICYMI, MANILA GREY released their latest album in December titled, ‘No Saints Loading’. Since then, it has gained thousands of views which we believe is not enough as it sheds light on what truly is Filipino-Canadian hip-hop music. And to our delight, it’s actually amazing!

We all know that our local hip-hop scene has a lot of negative stigma surrounding it but with this new album from MANILA GREY, it gives us something to be on par with the Western culture. Don’t believe us? Give a listen to them right here:

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The duo, together with music producer, azel north, has crafted a unique and mixed breed of Filipino music with ‘Silver Skies’ being one of our favorites for its vibrant and quirky beats which still catching on the hip-hop branding of MANILA GREY. While upon hearing ‘Night Code’, you’d instantly think you’re listening to Bryson Tiller but you’re not.

And as you proceed with their album, maybe it’s their Filipino-Canadian influence that gives them an edge with their music, but you’ll find out that they have a diverse definition of hip-hop/R&B with different tunes blowing your mind.

Redefining Filipino-Canadian hip-hop/R&B music

Based on Vancouver, MANILA GREY compromises of a Filipino-Canadian duo namely by childhood friends SOLIVEN and NEEKO. They started making their way into the music scene first in 2016 in collaboration with azel north.

By bringing together those who stayed on the West side where the sun stay high and on the East Coast through their songs, they have become pioneers of a new wave of hip-hop/R&B music. Not only that, but they also aim to give Asian-Canadians a voice when it comes to the music scene and to serve as an inspiration to other aspiring artists.


In an interview with Hypebeast, MANILA GREY said fans (including us) can expect a lot of things from them in 2020.

“Our fans will get the chance to really dive into our world next year and get to know Soliven, Neeko and the whole 1z Collective more than ever. There’s so much music, fashion, art and stories that we’ll be sharing with everyone — 2020 bout to go mach speed.”

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