Been looking for some new music to listen to? How about checking out these lowkey Filipino hip-hop songs that are actually good!

With the rise of Filipino hip-hop because of artists such as Shanti Dope, Al James and more, we can finally say we’re on a new level. Wherever you go you can probably hear them but we’re not saying it’s a bad thing, but it also redirects all our attention to the mainstream. It leaves in the dust those underground artists with talent but are not given much recognition.

So we’ve rounded up some lowkey Filipino hip-hop songs making the ~waves~ How about giving them a listen?

Puyat – Because feat. Nicole Anjela

Right Now – Steven Peregrina feat. KNTMNL & Calvin

Dawn to Dusk – soulthrll

Co-Pilot – Just Hush feat. JOLO, Rjay Ty

Don’t Play With Me – Just Matthew

We hope you like our list for Filipino hip-hop songs! So let’s stop the notion against Filipino hip-hop being jeje. We don’t have the knockoff version for Wester music because we have our own. Let’s help our local aritsts in making their own distinct style to make Filipino music heard.

What do you think of these lowkey Filipino hip-hop songs? And do you think they’re good? Did you just found your favorite jam? Feel free to tell us your thoughts and questions down below!

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