Love Da Records is back with new music!

The home of indie artists, Hong Kong-based record label, Love Da Records continues to give us quality music from all around the world.

Known for producing dance music and acting as an exclusive distributor for electronic labels such as Ministry of Sound and Warp and Ninja Tune, Love Da Records has since then expanded their distribution catalog, covering a wide variety of music from folk, indie rock, house, techno, and more.

In case you’re looking for new music to listen to check out these new tracks perfect for your playlist this week!

Future Islands

Baltimore based band, Future Islands, have shared new track ‘Moonlight’. This track tackles about acceptance because that’s what love allows us all.

“Moonlight is a song about love in a depressive state. It is about recognizing the holes in ourselves and recognizing the circular whole of others.”-Samuel Herring, Lead singer

Moreover, it is the third song released from the album that came next to ‘For Sure’ and ‘Thrill’. To complement the release of the track, Moonlight comes with a music video starring Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler and La La Land’s Callie Hernandez. Wanna feel its vibe, check it now below! 

Asha Imuno

The second song from his album ‘Good News’, producer and rapper Asha Imuno who gives us his latest offering track, ‘CAVIAR’. What’s more, it is a collaboration with fellow Raised by the Internet member Gidi. More so, CAVIAR is the perfect song to listen to if you wanna get pumped up!

“CAVIAR is the first time people get to hear how far Gidi and I push each other to make something hard and charismatic. We made this record right after Ifirst moved to L.A., it’s the soundtrack to my first over-indulgent summer. With Gidiadding, “making ‘CAVIAR’ was effortless. It’s a function-friendly take on a 2000s westcoast anthem, and makes me feel like I’m tanning in a drop top ‘64 Impala,” Imuno shared.


Hello Forever

Based in Topanga, California, art-pop collective Hello Forever, offers us music with the elements of 60s West Coast sound with their personal touch to their music and creativity. Highlighting the guitar elements and the warmth of their voice, ‘I’m Feeling It’ is a combination of perfect instrumentation and harmony.

“Songs have a way of writing themselves. ‘I’m feeling it’ came out all at once in a moment when I was unhinged and disconnected — it lifted me up out of that trance and reminded me of what’s underneath. It’s an anthem for experiences like the one I had writing it – catching that little twinkle of the good that’s connecting everything when it shines through the confusion and the mystery, and letting that twinkle be a whole truth in itself even though it’s only a tiny piece. It was a joy recording this song at home in Topanga with Danny Parra and the rest of the group.”- Frontman, Sam Joseph


Maximo Park

Following their first music released nearly four years ago, Maximo Park teases us with their comeback with ‘Child Of The Flatlands.’ A song that offers a longing look at the locations that hold such great meaning in youth, and how they inform identity, ‘Child Of the Flatlands’ gives us the feels of melancholy.

“‘Child Of The Flatlands’ is an affectionate look at both the psychic and physical edgelands of the town where I grew up, punctuated by snapshots of modern Britain as viewed from a distant hillside. It’s about the inevitability of nature (in all senses of the word) over the order we try to impose on it. The quiet, melancholy choruses lament the loss of community spaces for marginalised people, and the overall pace is meant to evoke a long walk, collaging found sound, strings and insistent piano to create a mildly psychedelic pop odyssey.” frontman Paul Smith says of the new track.


This Is The Kit

After three years out of the spotlight, This Is The Kit is back with ‘Coming To Get You Nowhere’. Beginning with the outpouring sound of horns sounding like a waterfall and the sound of the guitar, the song goes into a seam and the soothing high-pitched voice of This Is The kit.

Accompanied by a music video that depicts the message of the song, This Is The Kit has this to say:

“We made the video from footage of our friend’s car getting stuck when they came to visit us during our rehearsal time just before we went into the studio to make Off Off On. It felt like a car getting stuck and people having to work together and ask for help to get it unstuck was a fitting story to accompany this song, which is itself about getting stuck and the ways we can help or hinder ourselves when it comes to getting out of unhealthy patterns. Making this video has been really nice for me during this time of not being able to get together with the rest of the band. I miss them and the time we spent together making Off Off On so it’s been great to hang out with them in video form. Not as good as the real thing of course but comforting none the less.”


Eels have released their second single, “Are We Alright Again”, coming from their upcoming album, Earth to Dora which drops this October 30thWith the up-beat sound of the drums and the rhythm of the keyboard, “Are We Alright Again” will make you feel like walking on your own, daydreaming. 

“These songs came about just before the pandemic hit and changed everything. I’m hoping they can be, maybe kind of soothing or something. To hear songs dealing with things we are dreaming about getting back to. Or maybe people are dealing with some of the topics right now as well. Just one song was done in the thick of the early pandemic days, ‘Are We Alright Again,’ which is kind of a quarantine daydream I desperately needed to have.” 


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