We’re all busy being mad that we almost forgot the essence of being united.

After this pandemic crisis revealed the character of our government, recent news totally made us face palm for too many reasons. To tell you, one of them is the clownery of our government. There have been pointing of fingers, an irking competition to see who’s the better politician and other issues that made us mad. Some of them became the punchline on social media, others became the background song in Tiktok. Sounds familiar?

Aside from suffering through their reckless decisions, know that being a normal citizen, we have been absolutely messing with our country too. You can see the trash-talk series on social media, the insensitive part of fueling hate to those who are doing good deeds and the list goes on.

Instead of ranting all over the social media and hating who doesn’t agree with us, let’s rather listen to these sensible OPM songs. Maybe, after we finish listening, might as well we end up on agreeing with the same thing—unity.

Sistema by Juan Karlos Labajo


From being haunted with his beautiful piece of ‘Buwan‘, try to listen to ‘Sistema’. The song conveys about how we became divided through our beliefs, our status and the hard truth that everything is just a fleeting moment. ‘Sistema’ might be a bizarre type of patriotic songs that we used to hear but it’s really a damn masterpiece.

Silang walang magawa kung hindi manira
Ng kapwa kababayan, anong nakukuha?
Iba’t ibang situwasyon, ibat ibang panonooran
Ngunit ating nakakalimutan na tayo tayo rin ang magtutulungan

Upuan by Gloc-9


Known as the mouthpiece of the oppressed, the singer-songwriter-rapper Gloc-9 was adored by legions of music lovers because of his engaging tracks. We cannot deny the truth of how he mirrors the corruption and greed of our politicians. By being so bold in defying the status quo, he wrote ‘Upuan’ to somehow open our eyes. Not speaking just for himself but speaking on behalf of his fellowmen.

Kayo po na naka upo
Subukan nyo namang tumayo
At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo
Ang tunay na kalagayan ko

‘King Inang Bayan by Abra and Reese Lansangan


We know Abra by being one of the famous Fliptop rappers but don’t forget how he also create art by patterning verses with melodies and being in the film called, “Respeto”. Performing with alacrity and fierce, Abra’s ‘King Inang Bayan somehow gave us the gist of the story of our society.

Di lang upuan ang problema, isang buong lamesa

Kaya wag sumalalay sa sunod na president

Ang dapat magbago ay yung mga residente

Wag papeke, magpaka-intelihente

Wag pakeme, ugaliing magpakadisente

Oo, pang-aabuso’y ating nakasanayan

Matuto na po sana tayo sa mga mali ng kasaysayan

Wag sayangin ang buhay ng mga bayani

Isauli ang lupain sa tunay na nagmamay-ari

Hallelujah by Bamboo


From his album Light. Love. Peace, Hallelujiah became a pillar of OPM music. With its powerful lyrics and Bamboo’s peculiar voice and rock genre, this song gravitates the basic view of life of Filipinos. But despite of those heart-wrenching situations, the song entice us to still look at the glimmer of hope.

Blinded by the light
I can barely see the faces in front of me
Asking me where do we begin
Well, for starters, from within
Im ashamed of what I’ve become in the mirror
The face of my one true enemy
Hallelujah, its a new day
Let’s take control if I have to take this message door to door

Kaleidoscope World by Francis Magalona

Of course, we could not forget the king of the rappers here in the Philippines. From being a matinee screen idol to a smooth, suave hip-hop artist, Francis Magalona contributed so much in our OPM music. And one of those great songs is Kaleidoscope World with a handful perspective.

To tell you, those verses were hemmed not just to emphasize a social commentary. More so, to instill in our minds that we could find a solution to all of these if we could look at the big picture of camaraderie and patriotism.

Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin’ round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world

To end this, we will not achieve our dream nation if we are divided by our bitterness and greed. Let’s fight our countries problem together by not fighting each other.

What’s your favorite makabayan song?

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