Missing his viral track?

Looks like we have to watch out for more releases this coming Friday! To tell you, the American singer-songwriter Brian McKnight Jr. will release a new rendition of his viral hit ‘Marry Your Daughter’. It will be dropped under Tarsier Records tomorrow, June 26. In case you didn’t know, Tarsier Records is a music label established to connect vibrant music in our country and become a gateway for international artists to the Philippines.

If you’re curious about its rendition, feel free to check the teaser below!

More so, this project sets to promote ABS-CBN Music through Tarsier Records, bringing the international talents and music to the country. For sure, many local audiences will be happy with said project and honestly, we can’t wait for more!

What’s More

If you love the original version of this track, we can totally say that you’ll eventually fall in love with this new one as Brian recorded again the timeless said track. In line with that, the new rendition of ‘Marry your Daughter was produced by Moophs who made sure that final product will be great and totally captured Brian’s electrosoul sound.

“This song literally changed my life. To everyone, all over the world, and especially my people in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Africa, I’m more thankful
than you know for turning a demo that was leaked, into a breakout hit overseas.” Brian shared on Instagram.

To give you a little refresher,  know this one-take recording by Brian and his brother Niko is all about a man facing his future father-in-law for approval. Etched with cheesy yet genuine lyricism, this track went on to be a viral hit in places like Guam, Indonesia, and the Philippines between 2008 and 2009.

Eventually, the released mastered version gathered over 16 million streams on Spotify and continues to be in the Top 200 charts of iTunes in the Philippines. Who will not really fall in love with song, right?

For now, you can pre-save the track here ahead of the single’s release tomorrow and continually stream Brian Mcknight Jr.’s tracks on Spotify. Stay tuned for more updates about this track!

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