To start the first week of March anew, we are bringing you another OPM Disc for the artists who recently released their newest single! 

Our local music artists are continually serving us unexpected styles of their genres and is totally inspiring us not to be stuck in our comfort zone.

Check out these newly released singles that may be written in different dialects and genres but has only one goal: to let us experience the emotion and connect us through music.

So for today, let this OPM Disc article feature, 4 artists, to help you explore our local Indie Music Scene.

Lions and Acrobats– Patch Adams

Lions and Acrobats

This six-piece band  just launched their first single for this year 2020 called ‘Patch Adams’. Formed in 2009, the Filipino alternative rock band is under the management of Red Ninja Records.

They have performed live on numerous post-hardcore stages and is already a staple band who is known to always play on Jack Daniel’s Indiefest and they’ve also showcased their talent for Jameson’s St. Patrick’s Day Fest.

They are bringing us a new song, which for me is a really good accompaniment for the upcoming rainy season as well a great song to be included on road trips. 

It is the third song for their EP called ‘Aueteur’ which will be released at the latter part of this year with the participation of Dee Cruz from Run Dorothy that gives us a sneak peek of what’s to be.

And it sure looks like we are going to hope for more releases since the band will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in August 2020.

Let’s tune in and wait for more updates from them, shall we?

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She’s Coming Home– Bago ko Sabihin

The wait is finally over because She’s Coming Home brought us another dilemma of an unrequited love that will surely make you looped into another never-ending LSS!

We are reminded that they gave us ‘Try’; a song that was released last November 2019.  This five-man alternative band continues to craft songs that make us think that love is only real when it is reciprocated. Which is an actual fact btw. 

Like everyone deserves to know the sincerity of your partner, the security that you’re the only one before you truly dive into that relationship. We know that there will a lot of ‘Hugot’ and exchanges of the relatable stories once you’ve discovered this song. So what are you waiting for? Add this song now on your playlist and share it with your friends!

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Isotones– Pwede Ba?


Looks like this month is a month of us embracing and recognizing talents from yet another Waray-Waray Band that has certainly given us huge butterflies in our stomachs!

As we listened to their single called ‘Pwede Ba’, we noticed the reminiscent effect from the lead vocals — it made us recognize some familiarity from the already famed and well-known voices in our music industry and the good part? It truly will make you move and sway to the beat.

The band of four also premiered the music video of their newest single last February 28, 2020 and I am pretty sure that made Warays all over the country proud and excited for the future success of Isotone.

You can listen to their single on Spotify and watch their Music Video on Youtube

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Denice Lao– Araw at Buwan

denice -lao

Aside from feeling down and puzzled in love, here’s a new single that can make your heart fluttered in secrecy. Denice Lao released ‘Araw at Buwan’ before February ends and teased her fans for the upcoming Music Video Launch and Single Launch on March 14 at Baked Studios, Makati. 

Denice Lao is a singer-songwriter in the Philippines that serenades her fans through her own sweet way. With her new single, she sincerely hid the message of love in metaphors and having fond with the moon and sun. You can follow her on Spotify and Facebook for more updates!

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