Been waiting for another set of our OPM Disc? Dive into these fresh tunes from our indie OPM artists now! 

From time to time, artists take us on an uncharted journey of their mind through music. Gladly enough, We never run out of OPM goodies from our inspiring indie artists who are continually pouring tracks onto different digital platforms!

In line with that, we prepared another list of new releases from our beloved OPM indie artists! Along with us, let’s listen to Skyforce, Wayback, LA Santos and Rich Valencia


Wayback is a pop-rock quartet band formed last 2018. They were first recognized in the OPM industry after launching their first single “SANA PWEDE” at Wish 107 Bus Road Show last October 2019. 

Gladly enough, even in the midst of the pandemic, they’ve been actively creating music. In line with that, Wayback just released ‘Muli which was officially launched at Rakista Radio, NET25, and such.


Their fresh single talks about hope and moving forward in life. Given all the struggles in recording during quarantine, the band still manage to released it and launched successfully. 

Hailing from Pampanga, Wayback is now focused on writing and recording their own materials and continuously looking for a venue to showcase and promote their music if given the opportunity. To discover more of their genre, stream their songs now on Spotify.



Skyforce is a solo project of Jestin Robert Yao who loves to patterned verses with romantic lyricism. Hailing from Olongapo City, this indie artist is continually pursuing his passion in music that underpins a genre on indie pop, indie alternative, and indie electropop.

If you are curious about his piece, give his new single ‘Come Back To Me’ a listen below!


To give you a little refresher, he has recently released ‘My Sun, My Moon, and My Stars’ which gained a lot of streams on Spotify. Additionally, he was once a balladeer, rocker, punk, but his music evolved throughout the years as he wanted to keep on learning and changing his genre, expanding his music to a new and modern sound. 

To tell you, his latest single is the fourth installation for his forthcoming album ‘The Infinity Story’. If you love his music, don’t forget to follow him on his official social media accounts and stream his tracks on Spotify as well!


LA Santos

Dubbed by fans as ‘The Singing Idol’, LA Santos has been making waves since he launched his professional career in 2016. Born Lnard Antonio Brioso-Santos, LA knew that he wanted to make music at an early age and worked to perfect his craft.

Just like Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson and even Bamboo who he cites as among his influences, LA also developed slick dance moves. Wanna see him dancing? Watch now his latest official music video of ‘Hibang‘ below.


With no doubt, ‘Hibang’ is an engaging, bouncy ditty that will also remind fans of his previous big hit, ‘Tinamaan’. It was written by Enos Perez and produced by veteran record producer Romel “Sancho” Sanchez with the help of Vonne Vallon.

“In my case, I really miss just chillin’ and hanging out with my friends. So yes, I think ‘Hibang’ can also help me to remember and fondly reminisce about the good times. It’s that kind of song,” – LA Santos

Released by 7K Sounds, “Hibang” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. 7K Sounds is a promising new record label with sought after television director Alco Guerrero and seasoned musician Romel “Sancho” Sanchez at the helm.

What’s more, coincide with the song’s release, his music video will also launch the Hibang Dance Challenge contest! Looks like we are going to expect more exciting and cutting-edge new releases and surprises from this label in the days to come!


Rich Valencia

Hailing from Zambales, Rich Valencia is a singer-songwriter who just recently released her EP called ‘Tayo‘. With her charm and prowess in writing music at the same time, Rich is actually a model who bravely pursues music despite her divided time that also goes to acting and modeling works. 

Serving us her melancholic track, Rich Valencia released ‘Tayo Na Lang’ as an installment for her said EP. You can freely listen to her track below!


Kicked-off with sad melodies, ‘Tayo Na Lang’ imbues the aching feelings from the unrequited relationship. Alongside that track, you can also listen to Bakit Wala Ng Tayo and Wala Ng Tayo which give us a trilogy concept of falling in love and moving on. 

Relate much? Well, you better stream her tracks now on her Spotify!


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