Vibe with these fresh OPM releases from some of our most amazing up-and-coming Filipino music artists today.

Been waiting for our OPM Disc? Fret not! We are serving you today with a setlist of a variety of genres that you might add to your playlist. From feel-good vibes to the ones that are imbued with melancholic lyricism.

Along with us, let’s immerse ourselves with the music of the OPM artists below!

VVS Collective

The pandemic didn’t stop VVS Collective from getting together and making more music. To tell you, they made great use of this time by making as much music as they can. 

In line with that, VVS collective definitely showcased more of their Filipino new wave or a young wave of hip-hop through their latest track called ‘Follow Me‘.

“Some people hate us and bash us because of our different style. Only time will tell when our music will be fully accepted. And for those who hate us, two years from now, you’ll probably go for this style of music too,” King Promdi said.

Their edgy song that flaunts sharp bars was Gabrang’s idea. The whole band wrote their own lyrics and as always, magic just happened. When the skills and talents of all VVS Collective members are combined, you can expect nothing less than exceptional.

“Follow me because this is a new style. No one’s doing it yet. Follow me because this is what we are,” Gabrang added.

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Moreover, they are extremely grateful to their fans and deeply appreciate who supported them ever since. In contrast to that, they also acknowledge how they have their fair share of bashers—how some of their harshest critics are old school hip-hop artists and fans.

Well, kudos to this band who showed sportsmanship after facing the toxicity of social media that carries a ton of hateful comments. To give you a little refresher, the group’s most recent single before today, Alon, released mid-pandemic where they received the attention of millions of Filipino hip-hop fans.


Especially after they signed with Def Jam Philippines, there’s no stopping VVS Collective. Now that they’re set to work with some icons in the Philippine hip-hop industry, there’s a lot to look forward to from Gabrang, King Promdi, Tommy Wave, and Max Dylan.


Been looking for a chill vibe track? Well, here’s an electronic pop duo comprised with Charles Baltazar and Jok Oloquina called ‘Dustybuns‘.

To tell you, the duo just released a track,’Seasons‘ that flaunts the eclectic pair’s sonic palette with delicate harmonies, bright keyboard tones, and subdued arrangements. Furthermore, it also delivers an effortless, almost slick sound pulled from vast music resources that range from indie-pop to chillwave, electronic retro music. 

Are you excited to give them a listen? Well, you can stream their track below!


“Seasons” somehow stands out as an anthem that offers reassuring comfort and warmth. It is like a dose of inspiration to stay strong even when the going gets rough.

“The song is about being there for the people you care about no matter what, and reassuring that you’re never alone and there’s always someone out there ready to lend a hand when you need them,” Charles Baltazar shares.

If you like their track, the duo has good news for their listeners! In fact, we are going to expect an EP that will be released soon! So, stay tuned for more updates!


Saving Sunday

This up-and-coming band will absolutely give you the nostalgic steady beats fused with watery guitar riffs. What’s more, this four-piece band called ‘Saving Sunday’ is an indie pop-rock band that loves patterning verses with metaphorical sense. 

Last time, we jammed with their track ‘Art of Living‘ and now, they are presenting their newly-released song called ‘Bed and Pillow.


Comprised with Jay Real, Johlo Empalmado, Jesse Manuel and Daniel Caralian, I am betting you’ll definitely fall in love with the rhythm and the romantic lyricism of their latest track. Digging more, their song flaunts how a person could be a comfort we long too much at the end of the day. 

It’s like how we became so fond of a person and we treated that special someone as a home where all we wanted to stay to feel warm. Additionally, it is also imbued with a rock sound and a bit of influence from lo-fi rock.

Loving their tracks? Don’t forget to follow them on their social media accounts because they will release another song soonest!


Alpha Yang

Rising pop artist, Alpha Yang is back with another track that will surely make you smile upon listening to it because there will be a person that you wish to stay with. Just like his usual genre, this track falls in Alternative-pop and lo-fi bedroom pop.

One thing, we love about this head-boppy track is that it showcased more the calming vocals of the rising artist and offers us that ‘chill pop’ track.


For starters, alpha yang has been sweeping digital platforms since 2017 just to give us his feel-good beat tracks. To tell you, alpha yang is a project that started out in 2016 behind the man named Jacob Yulo. Fueled with his passion for music where he can really express himself, alpha young quite releasing a lot of songs that you’ve never heard before!

Wanting to hear more of his songs? Check out his Spotify and who knows, this man might release his upcoming album!


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