Even in the age of ‘New Normal’ , we won’t ever stop discovering new treasure.

There might be piles of hindrances in producing music in our current situation but our OPM artists never fail us to surprise with their newly-releases– we’re absolutely spoilt! With that being said, U DO U prepared another setlist of indie bands who just served their fresh tracks with different genres.

However they’re approaching making music, each of these bands should be on your playlist. Let’s tune into The 28th, allen&elle and Nostradamus Junior!

The 28th

Influenced massively by 80’s synth vibes, The 28th is an up-and-coming young band who became stapled for more indie scenes nationwide with a fresh and buoyant take on ‘harsh realities’. Their sound is often described as indie synth pop, pop rock, and indie rock but to tell you, the band perfectly matched it with their melancholic lyricism.

With their newly released track, Alunig was patterned with verses that flaunts an honest take on a toxic and demanding relationship. It dives into the slow and subtle buildup of friction from the tug-of-war, etched with disappointments and the nagging feeling of insecurity. According to the band, Alunig is an ode to anyone who has lost their sense of self within a relationship but is still hoping to be heard.

Relate much? Give it a listen below!

Comprised with Earl Marquez, Carlo Cruz, Tristan Salitrero and Cloy Salitrero, this four-piece band will not stop becoming prominent with their own craft and of course, in inspiring more people and reaching a bigger platform. Support them by staying updated in their social accounts and by streaming ‘Alunig’ on spotify too!


This Soul , Gospel and R&B duo,  allen&elle started performing together in their college days and eventually established themselves in local scenes that includes playing in notable events like Fête de la Musique, One Music Ph, Coke Studio Music Festival, and even made it as a finalist in the last San Miguel Wanderbattle Finals in Cebu 2020. To tell you, the duo aims to share God through their heartfelt lyricism and radiate love in every way possible.

So blessed, the duo just released their third single called ‘So Be It’ (Amen). If you’re curious about their sound, feel free to check their track below!

Moreover, So Be It is the first track offered by the duo for this year. Kicked of with their heavenly voices, this track definitely enticing everyone to keep faith even in the midst of uncertainty. At some point, this feels like an anthem for the current pandemic crisis that will surely give you goosebumps at the same time with the powerful voices of the duo!

We cannot wait to hear the Duo on live gigs! For now, all we can do is to stream their tracks on Spotify!

Nostradamus Junior

Hailed originally from La Union and now based in Manila, Nostradamus Junior is now serving their single ‘Selepono’ from their latest album ‘Sudo’. The five-piece band is influenced mainly by 80s – 90s vibes. In line with that, ‘Selepono‘ carries feel-good beats that you can play during long rides as you bang you head gently or even watching the sun kissing the horizon.

Looking forward to hear their patterned verses along with good tight beats? You can check out their track below!

The band is composed with Bryan Ramos, Marc Alvin Garcia, Dino Latoga , Chester Peralta, and Justine Cipreel Pimentel. You can explore their craft by diving into their social media accounts and don’t forget also to stream their song on Spotify!


Which of these indie release is your favorite track?

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