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With everything that’s happening in the world, where people are stuck at home left with negative feelings, there’s one thing we all know that helps in easing the pain and negativity that our friends are music.

It is with pride that we present to you syd hartha, The Geeks, and Dey Rose, together with their new tracks! Come along with us and listen to these talented artists!

syd hartha


In less than two years under Sony Music Philippines, singer-songwriter syd hartha has rose to fame from taking pro-woman stance on “ayaw” to recording the value of self-restraint on “paru-paro”, she is a symbol of moving forward in addressing external topics that even her peers seem to resist.

With her latest single ‘hiwaga’ made up of jazzy feels and surprisingly, a rap verse, syd hartha lets us to her self-reflection of her personal acts. ‘hiwaga’ a remarkably crafted, stripped down track that talks about self-awakening and healing in preparation for being “the best version of herself”- is a reference from the coming of age film, Lady Bird.

Writing from a new found point of view and a riveting insight, syd wrote “hiwaga” as a reminder to anyone dealing with personal stuggles that no matter who you are and what you might be going through, you can still be part of a better shift.

“There was a time in my life where I felt so stuck and started to question my existence and the reason for everything. What inspired me to write this song is my awakening to the fact that I was given this life for a reason. I want to heal so I can be the best version of myself for everyone around me and I want to inspire people to do the same,” the musician explained.

Entirely different from her sound, “hiwaga” is produced by Johnoy Danao, performed with her backing band Bea Fabros, Raisa Racelis, and Pat Sarabia. With a surprise rap verse in her new song, syd has this to say:

“As someone who’s so fond of several hip-hop artists’ writing and delivery, I noticed how stronger and more effective it is when the message is somehow spoken instead of sung. Also, when I wrote ‘hiwaga,’ it all started with just words; it was me having a conversation with myself. I decided then that I wanted the feel to be more conversational and more focused on the message of the lyrics.” 

Check out “hiwaga” below!


The Geeks


It has been 2 years since we last heard of new music from them, but now Filipino indie-pop band The Geeks is back with their brand-new single under Lilystars Records, ‘The First Time’!

Accompanied by the indie sound of the guitar and the subtle vocals, ‘The First Time’ is leading its way into a slacker and honeyed guitar pop territory. This new track refuses the notion of predictability by going retro in aesthetics and purpose, while at the same time engaging emotionally.

Apart from veering away with the usual, The Geeks also pays homage to local Filipino kundiman music with ‘The Last Time’ which explains the style and sound of the track.

Heavily influenced by the depiction of young love in Filipino period films, ‘The First Time’ will tell you the story and feeling of being left on the eve of a planned elopement. With its subtle tragic impressions of this kind of love, this song highlights the shift in The Geek’s way of writing their songs. The idea of loss is more tangible, and the verses collapse when you’re least prepared.

Surely, this is just the start of The Geek’s comeback in the scene!

Check out this cool and epic official music video for ‘The Last Time’!

Dey Rose


Filipina-Canadian singer-songwriter Dey Rose introduces herself to the world with her debut EP ‘Panting Heart’.

Released through Lilystars Records, ‘Panting Heart’ will show us Dey Rose’s gripping sense of vulnerability. Composed of six tracks which are a combination of jazz pop with folk, country, blues, prog rock, 70’s soul, and R&B, while entrancing new bearings as far as arrangements and lyrics, ‘Panting Heart’ contains Dey Rose’s preview of intimacy in the hour of eagerness and paranoia, liberating herself from the congruity of others and social desires.

“Di Mo Lang Alam”, the highlight track of the EP is inspired by stories of Dey Rose’s friends she met in the Philippines. With its fast, jazzy runs, and the up-beat rhythm in the background, highlighting Rose’s voice is an absolute anthem. Covering its own shimmering story, it’s a definite sunshine to every listener.

Apart from this track, there are also other must-heard songs included in the EP including the resounding jam ‘Puzzle Piece’ which will make you sway your body to the music with its throwback-sounding jam, the mellow ballad ‘Paulit-ulit’ that will send you all the blue feelings inside of you, the perfect chill song by the beach with you loved one ‘When I’m With You’, and the title track ‘Panting Heart’.

This EP showcases Dey Rose’s diverse style of music. Influenced by the range of Lolita Carbon to Etta James, Amy Winehouse to Lorde, ‘Panting Heart’ is her statement of exceptional maturity as an artist.

Stream ‘Panting Heart’ below!

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