This week’s OPM Disc is here to give you fresh tracks from our local artists!

This pandemic has brought panic and doubts over us.  To help alleviate the stress of hearing bad news left and right, we present to you this week’s OPM Disc! Our featured tracks this week are a diverse bunch, whether you’re feeling homesick, anxieties acting up, or you just want to take your mind off things, we got you covered.

That being said, come join us as we listen and get to know these three local artists along with their tracks that you’ll surely enjoy!

RJ Manulid

RJ Manulid

RJ Manulid is a singer-songwriter and producer born in Cebu City and raised in Davao City. He creates music to make him feel better. His versatile style accompanied by his catchy tunes with themes of self-acceptance, love, loss, anxiety, regret, hope, and redemption.

While playing keyboard in various bands at UP Mindanao, he started writing songs in 2011. RJ released his first indie pop songs in 2016. Aside from opening for several well-known artists, he also had his first local TV appearances, national radio airplay, and first tour outside Davao as a solo act in 2017.

RJ is no stranger to us here, in u DO u, as we have already featured him before. His self-produced debut album Reassurance, which was released on November 17, 2018.

Working on Homegrown was a therapeutic experience which marked the end of a 3-month pandemic-induced creative slump. To whoever’s listening, I hope this song helps some light peek into these dark days. May this track comfort you as much as it helped me.

A much-needed track especially during these trying times. ‘Homegrown’ will make you miss the comforts and familiarity that only a home can bring. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a house, your home can be a person, a place, a treasured memory. And with this song, you can’t help but reminisce and miss the warmth it brings.

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A band that has been a staple both in u DO u and the manila gig scene, Munimuni is known for their signature “makata pop” . They write reflective and poetic songs that paints the realities of life and urge the listeners to never lose that hope, no matter how bleak the future may seem.

Crossing folk-pop harmonies and flute leads with guitar-driven alternative rock, the band has captured the attention of listeners across the Metro and beyond.

Their songs are raw yet genuine, heartfelt and sincere. Listening to them is an experience in and of itself.

Munimuni was formed in the University of the Philippines Diliman in 2012 by Adj Jiao (vocal, guitar), TJ de Ocampo (vocal, guitar), and Red Calayan (drums). In 2015 the band welcomed John Owen Castro (vocal, flute), and in 2017 Jolo Ferrer (bass) was added to the lineup. Following the departure of Calayan in 2018, Josh Tumaliuan (drums) became part of the roster, completing the band’s current lineup.

Munimuni is Adj Jiao (vocal, guitar), John Owen Castro (vocal, flute), Jolo Ferrer (bass), Josh Tumaliuan (drums), and TJ de Ocampo (vocal, guitar).


Munimuni is one of the few special bands that can encapsulate a certain feeling and put it in a song. Even though the lyrics are few and repeating, the song gives off so much powerful emotion that you will not ask for more. They have a penchant of saying more while speaking less. Show support by streaming on Spotify as well!




Hailing from Cebu City, Trevor Sederiosa or TREV is a 19-year-old rising R&B and Hip Hop artist who delivers his own take on Filipino music through his lyrics that explore heartbreaks and other issues that arise growing up in this new generation. He grew up singing and writing his own songs with his first song ‘Purple Dreams’ being played in various radio stations in the city of Cebu.

Despite his young age, Trev isn’t a newcomer to the scene. The Cebuano singer and rapper has been releasing hits since the young age of 16, his hit-track ‘Say It’ was already slating different platfoms!


“The title and the theme of the song are based on my prior exposure to musicians such as Carlos Santana. In my childhood, I wanted to create a track that was a nod to those influences seeing as the song ‘Smooth’ by Santana and Rob Thomas was one of the first songs I learned to sing as a kid. The topic of the song revolves around me talking about a girl who sends mixed signals and how I’m really trying to avoid personal connections in general because I’ve been really busy trying to work on my music and hustling to get a fortune.”

This track is produced by emerging Cebuano producer Snare. From the Latino-inspired beat, catchy hook and fast-paced rap, this song is definitely a bop. ‘Maria’ is about the culture of today with infatuations not lasting for long. Don’t forget to stream it on Spotify!


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