OPM Disc is back with another set of local artists that we are sure you’ll love!

There are many great new releases these past few weeks that we have trouble choosing which to feature. But here are four artists with their songs we are currently jamming to!

Our hunger for live performances and gigs are constantly being satiated by the awesome new releases of our local musicians. Come along with us in this edition of OPM Disc and stream these talented artists! Who knows, you might find the next song to put in your playlist!



This ‘Protégé’ finally got her big break. Under the tutelage of rap icon Gloc-9, LIRAH is steadily making her star shine. Originally, an acoustic artist, her training from mentor Gloc-9 has allowed her to expand her musicality, which now includes rapping.

OPM’s hip-hop muse goes back to her roots with her latest single, ‘Bakit Hindi’. The track tells the story of a girl second guessing the feelings of a male friend, as a result she begins to question her own. Watch the official lyric video below!

You can also stream it in any digital streaming platforms, or listen via Spotify!

The Juans

The Juans

The Juans is a Filipino pop rock band based in Manila, Philippines. Hailing all the way from Bulacan, the band currently consists of lead vocalist and keyboardist Carl Guevarra, vocalist and lead guitarist Japs Mendoza, sub-vocalist and bassist Chael Adriano, sub-vocalist and acoustic guitarist RJ Cruz, and drummer Joshua Coronel.

After breaking our hearts with their hit single, ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede‘, the band is back with ‘BTNS‘ short for ‘Bakit ‘to Nangyari Sa’tin’ to reopen old wounds.

Get ready as The Juans tug at our heartstrings with ‘BTNS’, you can also stream it on Spotify!

And if you can’t get enough of The Juans, watch out for our roundtable interview with them!

Room for Cielo

Room for Cielo

Room for Cielo is an alternative pop band with nostalgic sounds from the 80s-90s OPM era and flavors of modern Pop and Ballad infused to their music. They were formerly known as ‘Sileph’, and in order to recapture their artistry, they went under a rebranding. 

‘Takbo’ was released last May 22. The track has a differing perspective throughout the song, with POVs of two lovers. The song talks about being afraid of loving again because of unpleasant experience in the past. But the main point of the song is, don’t run away but run towards love instead, which explains the title, ‘Takbo.’

The band consists of Pael Gutierrez (vocals), Daryl Cielo (guitars/vocals), Ezra Caliguia (guitars), PJ Ballares (bassist), Emile Bagtas (keys), and Justin Felias (drummer).

Check out the official lyric video below!

Also, support Room for Cielo on their Spotify!

Pao Lofranco

Pao Lofranco

Pao Lofranco ventures on different genres and emotions with his newest track, ‘Whatever It Takes’. The Davao-based artist enlisted the help of rapper Ivo Impreso in his latest single. This hip-hop infused track has infectious R&B hooks and rap that will push you to do something like you’re running out of time. It reminds us not to take for granted the finite time we have.

Check out the lyric video below.


Don’t forget to stream it on Spotify!

Which of these indie releases is your favorite?

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