Another week means another set of discovering new releases on our OPM Disc!

To light up your mood for this weekend, we are inviting you to dive into the tracks below from our OPM artists. Well, it’s always good to satisfy our time to time yearning for great OPM tracks, right?

Along with us, tune in now to the fresh releases below and celebrate this weekend with a spin of genres! 

Lala Vinzon

Released under Island Records Philippines, soul-pop singer and songwriter Lala Vinzon bares her heart out with her newest single, ‘Pansamantala’. Following the release of ‘Rebellious Heart,’  we could say that Lala Vinzon is truly slating digital platforms with her own art.

To tell you, her latest track flaunts the powerful vocals of the artist and her track is beyond romantic heartache. What’s more, Lala herself relates this song to other aspects of her life as well.


Upon listening to her track, she served us a perspective that we should also own whenever we felt that aching pain when it comes to love or any burdens that we have. Additionally, ‘Pansamantala’ speaks of how heart-wrenching it is to see the love between two individuals end yet it will be also temporary only.


“We keep expecting things from the people we love and we tend to get hurt because of that. And then we realize that we are not enough for them and it’s no one’s fault. None of us are easy to be with. We are not perfect.”-Lala Vinzon

On top of that, music producer Gab Tagadtad lent a hand in the process of creating the instrumentals and harmonies. Particularly, the music and lyrics of the song are definitely inspired by the songwriter’s personal experiences.

“Working in this industry, I try my best to be strong and professional to hide my negative emotions and to not be judged. But writing for me is like a permit to be vulnerable. Every artist seeks authenticity and growth. This track talks about my past self as well. Eventually, I will grow and take a different path in terms of career, music and perspective. So now I’m taking the chance of giving myself time to focus on what I really want and express it freely. I want to grow as an artist and a musician by being myself and [by] not to [being] manipulated by fame, not always [going] with the trend. It might be scary for me to start over again, but it is worth a try.” she declares.

Earl Generao, Pappel

Released on the day we mourn the souls we lost, Earl Generao and Pappel teamed up for a collaboration that showcases their peculiar sound but with an amazing arrangement! For their first collaboration together, both singer-songwriters agreed on how our own facade ultimately haunts us with their song ‘Magkano Kaluluwa?’.

To tell you, their voice is like sliding into a warm bath, melting into a chilling aura that ricochetted the ghostly voices as Earl. It’s short but it sure delivers the terrifying truth behind having to put up with the lies you made just to get through the realities of living.

Moreover, Earl and Pappel composed and arranged the song while Emil Dela Rosa mixed and mastered the track. Hemmed and released under O/C Records, ‘Magkano Kaluluwa? is out now on multiple platforms!



Hailing from Cebu, Singer-Songwriter Jolianne is back with her third single for this year, “No point in resisting”. Imbues with dreamy tunes and her naturally bubbly voice, 17-year old Jolianne is the R&B music artist that you should be listening right now!

The RnB songstress experimented with her sound, adding a touch of Bossa nova elements to her latest single. The track overall possesses a simple and mellow-tune, radiating such a heartwarming, feel-good vibe that we all need in this day and age.


“In my generation, I see a lot of my friends having a ton of trust issues when diving into new relationships. As we grew up in the age where digital media rules, with social media and dating sites everywhere, it’s really getting hard to love, let alone trusting someone new again and starting over. The song basically describes having a love interest who reciprocates your feelings, but has reservations in regards to committing to you, which is a situation that’s pretty normal these days. ” –Jolianne

Compared to her last track, “Halfway There,”  her latest track focuses on outward love. It showcases Jolianne’s romantic side, showcasing romance in a seventeen-year-old’s point of view, though both have the same light and breezy, super chill vibe that anyone can enjoy and bop along to.

Which of these new releases is your favorite?

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