Electro-folk indie artist Keiko Necesario just released her new single Di Bale Na—the first Tagalog single she’s ever put out there. I’m thinking it’s gonna be a hit after her popular songs Away From The Current and While We Were Young

Keiko Necesario’s new song gives a really melancholic feel, with hopeful vibes assuring us that someday everything will make sense. Every pain you’re feeling now is just a challenge for you to reach something bigger.

My first thought upon hearing it is that it’s not necessarily a song that you dedicate to a friend or that someone special—for me, it’s a love song about taking a sweet time healing yourself.

So if you’re feeling a little down, let the lyrics speak for the song:

Siguro balang araw
Aking matatanaw
Sagot sa bakit at sakit ng nakaraan
Di bale nang malayo
Alam mo saan patungo
Sayo’y itinuturo
Hintayin mo lang ako
Hintayin mo lang ako

You can stream Keiko Necesario new track on Spotify:

This isn’t the first time fans heard about Keiko Necesario new track, though, as she’s also played it in gigs before. Check this one performance with fellow indie artist Coeli:

We may even expect a new album from her before this year ends, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What do you think of the new song? Let us hear in the comments!