Another week means another set of discovering new releases on our OPM Disc!


Feeling a little adventurous? Today, we’re taking you on a detour from the mainstream and exploring the terrain of the “indieground” here in our own backyard for some new OPM artists we have yet to behold this January 2021.

Come join us on a smooth ride, cruisin’ to the beats of these OPM reppin’ breakthrough artists.

Just Matthew

New OPM Music January 2021 uDOu

The Filipino-American based off of the West Coast, Los Angeles, California, is one emerging r&b artist definitely worth listening to. More than potential, Just Matthew already proves to have everything he needs to take off in the music industry.


His latest single, Just Me, boasts of a sound akin to some of the r&b greats like Drake and Chris Brown. Just Matthew might just change the norm on what it takes to be an r&b artist in America. Shaping the landscape not just for himself but probably for every Filipino artist who wants to make it in the genre.


New OPM Music January 2021 uDOu

While 2020 certainly didn’t see as many parties as we’d hoped, the party genre of the music industry was certainly as alive as ever pumpin out beat after beat. Just like Jezrelle, an emerging talent in EDM who has been gifting the world with energizing music throughout quarantine.


This Cebuano’s latest single being none the lesser–YOU is a true mood booster that can bring the jolt into any unhappy situation, even an unhappy year.


New OPM Music January 2021 uDOu

With a voice, beats, and riffs that feel like chill company, Fer is an artist perfect for these rainy days. According to his bio, Fer is an artist returning to the music industry after a 12-year hiatus so it’s obvious he’s not wasting anymore time, dropping track after beautiful track.


If you like Daniel Caesar, Tom Misch, or Summer Salt, Fer is one local artist you’ll have to subscribe to. Not to mention his awesome bluesy business which reminds me of certain blues greats. This is one talent we’re absolutely not going to sleep on!

Which one of these new releases sparks your interest?

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