As we hunkered down ourselves in this social distancing, OPM never fails to serve us with these impressive fresh songs!

For those who are looking for feel-good beats and inspiring local artists, we’ve made you a list of new releases who seem on the rise in OPM! As you can see, these dedicated music artists are still giving their best to uplift us in the midst of pandemic crisis.

With that being said, let’s strive to boost our country’s music industry by supporting them! Feel free to listen to these songs below as they give their best and unique sound that you might love. Don’t forget also to share them and subscribe on their channel.

Joseph Vincent

Loving his soothing voice a lot? Bet that you already listened to his cover songs like ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Of You’, some of our favorite Disney songs and the list goes on. Well, to tell you, Joseph Vincent has original composed songs too! One of them is ‘Brain Noise’ which was released last April 1.

Delivering a unique blend of alternative pop and cherry melodies of Ukelele, Brain Noise conveys about the things that kept us awake at night. Unlike his usual acoustic songs, this one has uptempo setup and rapped conversational lyrics. Additionally, his music video flaunts immense aesthetics lights while playing ‘Brain Noise’.

In case you don’t know yet, Joseph Vincent songs were already skyrocketed outside the country and reached million views on his Youtube official account so you should check it out!

Marion Talavera

Serving us with relaxing tunes, ‘Stranger Now’ is one of those fresh ballad songs that we can listen to while reminiscing our past love. Basically, this song speaks for the pain we buried for too long—perhaps, left unsaid. It’s like a confessional, an airing of one’s resentment to someone who departed long ago. In fact, this song definitely shows how pain can always be transformed into a beautiful piece of art.

‘Stranger Now’ was hemmed by a young singer-songwriter, Marion Talavera. This is the first song installment of his upcoming EP to be released this year. Looks like we’re going to wait for more great compositions from Marion, right? If you haven’t heard this song yet, you can stream it on his Official Youtube account and Spotify!

It might sound like a closing chapter, but for Marion, this will be the beginning of more open doors for him.

Janina Vela

She looks familiar to you? Well, Janina Vela is a Filipino pop singer and Youtube vlogger who launched her debut EP, Love You the Same last 2018. Now, she returns after a two years hiatus with ‘Hello Stranger’. In line with that, her song is comprised with pop upbeat tunes that conveys about stumbling upon with her former lover again. I guess no one can really easily say ‘Hello’ to someone you used to know, right?

If you can relate so much to her song, you can sing along and stream it on Youtube and Spotify!


Missing everything? Well, Milkydre has something for you! Contrasting to his densely upbeat alt-pop song, ‘Quarantine Blues’ tells about the things that became distant to us because of lockdown. It might be frustrating to some but our local artist used it in creating for more songs and to somehow uplift our weary hearts.

Hailed from Cebu, Milkydre has a collective of songs with perfect mix of lo-fi and R&B. To tell you, his songs might be under the radar but surely, Milkydre has great music worth discovering!

Don’t forget to check out milkydre on Spotify and see for yourself how awesome his songs are.

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