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We’ve been through a lot this week especially with the passing of typhoon Ulysses. To help people ease their worries, here are some new releases from our OPM artists. Jam with us and share with other music enthusiasts. 

Come with us in this new list of OPM Disc with the mix of genres from our different OPM Artists.

Gail Belmonte


The Filipina-Singaporean singer-songwriter Gail Belmonte released her single called “Restart.” This track will be her last release for this year. The electro-R&B ballad marked her debut as a solo artist signed under Umami Records

The song “Restart” immerses listeners into a heart-rending tale of breakup and romantic dissolution. She wrote the song based on her personal experience– it dissects a kind of love that the singer-songwriter thought was the only thing that she’ll ever get to have. 


She said that “It was deeply upsetting at the time but I learned so much, including the fact that there will be new beginnings, even if it seems like it won’t be happening anytime soon or in the ways we want,”

This song is the most personal of Gail’s songs so far. It takes a slower pace throughout the song, while the mood flows with a more sober approach. 

She also shared that she “wanted this to be like the sound of a heartbeat, grounding the song musically from start to finish.”


Lastly, she added “Please, don’t forget one thing – it’s to remember me. I’ll love you for eternity.” Gail sings at the end of the bridge, and reflects, “Those words seem to stop time for me for a little while. They really highlight the weight that love and heartbreak hold.”

Panic Car


Panic Car is an Aaron Silvestre project that was created back in August. Due to a lot of anxiety induced by the pandemic and lockdown, the project was born and it acted as the artist’s artistic outlet and therapy. The idea of the project is to channel songs and music developed into anxiety. Back in August, Panic Car released their first single called “Wake Up”, a slow acoustic song about morning panic attacks. Now, Panic Car is back with a song called “Midnight Musings” with a full band sound.


It’s a song about the system being exhausted but staying optimistic about life. The idea why behind the title “Midnight Musings” is that these usually stuff you think about at night, during walks, driving late at night, etc. They also tried a lot of sounds, including synths and heavy pounding drums, that they’ve never used before.



This awesome track is the 1st of six previously released songs from Carmen to be launched back into Spotify and many other streaming platforms, under the newly established label Halfnote Music, powered by the internationally renowned company The Orchard. 

“A song about the prequel, actual event, and aftermath of a broken relationship. The thoughts, feelings, and uncertainties rush through your body, mind, and soul like a tornado. Do you stay and face the possible emotional destruction, or leave to protect yourself?”


Apart from being a heart-aching rock song, ‘The Break up’ also carries another meaning for Carmen to keep marching onto the next phase of their dreams. Despite the negative context that comes with the title, there is a message of hope and moving on in the melodies and groove of the composition. 

As they progress in the face of the new normal, Dino Butra (singer/guitarist), Harold Cummings (lead), Danilo Egipto (bass), and drummer Kylie Enopre (drums) continue to chase their passion with this very melodic and emotive new single. Although the words and melody were introduced by their singer Dino Butra, every band member has an emotional share in the song and the structure.



A pop-rock band from Manila, they released their newest single called “Ultimate Almost,” which is a big throwback to the classics in the pop-rock genre. If you miss listening to the songs of Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, Panic at the Disco!, this band is right up in your alley and worth saving their songs in your playlist.


The band consists of Kipp Pascual, Manu Avila, Rommel Jabla, Lance Bituin. They will surely create an uproar in the pop-rock genre scene in the Philippines with their amazing arrangements and sound.

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