The time has come for another OPM Disc! Listen to these fresh jams of indie releases for this week!

With flourishing new sounds, we are so blessed to discover more indie artists as they express themselves relentlessly by serving us fresh tracks weekly. So today, let’s tune into 5 different artists and their singles through this OPM DISC article.

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Blind Stereo Moon

Hailed from Bulacan, Blind Stereo Moon is an independent music representation of Darkus Music (led by Ace del Mundo of Orange & Lemons). They are founded in 2009 as a college band and shaped by the 90s alternative/indie pop tradition with gentle melodies. Moreover, their influences include The Sundays and Moonpools & Caterpillars combined with the John Mayer and Jason Mraz of the early 2000s.

If you’re preparing for a gorgeous candlelit dinner, you can match it with their latest track ‘Candle Lights’! Check it out down below!

With their rhythmic acoustic guitars with bluesy licks and melodic basslines, there’s no doubt you’ll groove along with this track! Plus, their romantic lyricism will surely put that slight curve on your lips as it entices you to fall in love again.

Look no further for a perfect song for your dream date or let’s say, whenever you’re just ‘daydreaming with your crush. Stream it now on Spotify! You can also follow them on their social media accounts to give them your support!

Saving Sunday

Comprised with Jay Real, Johlo Empalmado, Jesse Manuel and Daniel Caralian, this up-and-coming band will absolutely give you the nostalgic steady beats fused watery guitar riffs. After releasing releasing their debut single, Comet, this four-pieced band will give us another interesting track to be released on Friday in different digital platforms!

Fortunately, Saving Sunday let us give you the preview of their song which you can listen along with our OPM Disc Preview Clips. If you don’t want to miss their release, subscribe now to their Youtube channel and be notified for upcoming track, ‘Art of Living’!

More so, this indie pop-rock band loves patterning verses with metaphorical sense. Most of their songs are inspired on fictional and personal stories etched with vibey rock sound  and a bit influence from lofi rock and bedroom-pop . To tell you, they want to be more creative and authentic as much possible to serve us a diverse music with different feelings as we enjoy their pieces.

For now, while waiting for ‘Art of Living’, stream to their previous track on Spotify!

Gil and the Axe Gang

Looking for another song to give you courage when it comes to confessing your feelings? Dive into Gil and Axe Gang‘s latest track, ‘Hanggang Tingin’! After releasing ‘Umaasa’ and ‘Crazy’, the band is offering another love song that conveys about wearing his heart on sleeves yet the guy don’t want to ruin his treasured friendship with the girl. It’s swallowing all the guts in confess but bothered by an inevitable result of it.

Relate much? You can give it a listen below!

Moreover, Gil and the Axe Gang is a six-pieced indie soul and rock band hailed from Bataan. With forming a new strain of sounds etched with groovy waves, the band is comprised with Gil Guevarra and his brother Justin Guevarra, Jan Algwen Salazar , RJ Ronquillo Asilo, JRuel Bugarin and Joel Jimenez.

You can stream their song on Spotify too!



With patterned verse along with their feel-good beats, this song collaboration is perfect for the struggling couples. This song flaunts challenging times between couple but to tell you, the guy’s point of view is fueled with love and willingness to be reconciled with his lover. Some reoccuring themes within Aziatik’s songs are daily reflections, teen angst and relationship stories etched with hip-hop beats.

If you’re curious with his track, give it a listen below!

Additionally, ‘Umpisa’ is the first song collaboration from three Filipino artists such as Aziatik from London,  Kunnns from Canada and producer, RJ Belo from London. These artists might staying from distant places but eventually met online just to serve us this great upbeat track. With that being said, their latest track was mixed and mastered by Maverick Quest on Wax Studios, London.

For more updates with Aziatik, don’t forget to subscribe on his Youtube account and you can also stream his tracks on Spotify too!


Wearing her heart on her sleeves, this young artist already found what she wanted to do in her life—conquering the world of music. Danzz a.k.a Danzel Lu Enriquez Dumaquit is offering us her weaved stories with intriguing melodies. This indie rookie artist flaunts not just romantic lyricism but also serving us new wave pop with synth elements.

If you want to give it a listen you can check it our below!

With her, raw sultry voice, you’ll never know what Dannz has in store for us in the future! To give her your support, stay tuned and follow her her social media accounts! Don’t  forget alo to stream her single on Spotify!

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