Cebu pride Jem Cubil returns with a music video for “Little by little” plus a newly released track called “Majesty!”

Many listeners of Jem Cubil have fallen in love with his charm and his lovely soulful voice. To entice us more to explore his music, the Cebuano singer-songwriter dropped a fresh track that explores the pitfalls of our romantic exploits. 

His brand new track is about our usual impulsive approach to love or let’s say that ‘infatuation’ that we always mistake for ‘love.’ Relate so much? Well, you can dive into his track below!


In line with his track, no doubt that ‘Majesty’ will be loved by young listeners who already saw the unrequited love. At first, it inspires us and made us treasure those butterflies but on the flip side, that mistaken love can truly bring the worst from us.

Romantic Exploits

Just like how love can bring us a rollercoaster of emotions, Jem Cubil’s Majesty delivers a mix of feelings through his new song, which sounds like your typical, cheerful romantic track but with a sprinkle of reality when it comes to love.

We could also say that ‘Majesty’ has a more complex and layered production than Jem’s previous releases. It embraces a tinge of some RnB to an otherwise largely acoustic track.

An original composition by Jem Cubil, he’s also responsible for producing and arranging the track along with Len Calvo, with some vocal supervision by Pauline Lauron. The mixing and mastering of the track was done by Andrew Florention with its sound engineering made by Ponciano Martinez while its overall recording was done at Amerasian Studios.

What’s More

Aside from releasing a new track, Jem also released the hybrid video of “Little by little”. It seems like Jem is really working hard to send comfort to his fans through his own music. 

Check out the trach below!


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