Vibe with these fresh OPM releases from some of our most amazing indie artists today.

Been waiting for our OPM Disc? Fret not! Here’s another set of indie releases that you should be listening to right now. Oh, what’s more? these are some of our top suggested indie names that should also be on your radar this 2020!


Join us as we stream and get to know these artists below!

Japo Vs The French Girl

For people who are afraid to move forward, know that Japo Vs the French Girl is willing to share the same sentiment with you guys and up the ante up a bit more with more the feels.

That being said, they released a full track written about the “period of moving on” from a lost love which is entitled ‘Ulyanin’.

You can give this relatable track a listen below!

‘Ulyanin’ portrayed how hard it is to forget someone even after we have tried so hard to. It narrates till the day you realize that you won’t be able to forget that “love” and this is when we have to accept the fact that it’s over. Relate much?

You can also check other Japo Vs The French Girl songs as they aim to narrate verses to move people with their emotionally gripping lyrics— something that would stand the test of time and would definitely still touch people’s hearts.

Learn more about the duo by diving into their tracks available on different digital platforms including on Spotify!

Anna Aquino

Dubbed as our very own ‘Hugot Princess’, Anna Aquino released another track that will make you reminisce about the pain you’ve experienced from the ‘wrong one’. The song kicked-off with a melodramatic rhythm;  ‘Kung Sabagay‘ is actually the first track that Anna has written — it was way back 2013 when she penned the masterpiece. 

It tells the story of a girl ghosted by a guy she’s been with for more than a year. Simply put, ‘Kung Sabagay’ is the song you should listen to while moving on. 


Hailing from Taguig City, Anna Aquino is an independent artist that has been pursuing her passion for music ever since she was young. She has fostered her writing skills through different songwriting boot camps and was able to release three songs on different digital platforms.

You can support her by streaming her tracks on Spotify as well!


Lochnezz feat. Mets

Another artist from O/C Records has released a track that pertains to the ‘burned-out’ phase in relationships. The music producer Lochnezz teamed-up again for his third collaboration with singer METS. 

This track (contrary to how one might first envision it) is not a song about laziness and mendicancy but rather, it’s a song about those who just got tired of loving.

Sprinkled with hurt and pain, this one went a bit more adventurous in its musicality than usual. It began with a stripped, mid-paced ukulele driven portion before slowly transforming into an upbeat, electronic music spectacle; albeit one that still amazingly maintains the overall somber feel of the whole track.

It is definitely an anthem for those whose hearts are simply too drained to keep on loving and hoping.  Curious about this track? You can freely give it a listen below.


Tamad by Lochnezz ft. METS is now out on all digital platforms for those who have become weary about love and its seemingly endless trials and constant errors. You can also stream his other tracks on Spotify too!

Marion Talavera

Starting off with melancholic tunes, ‘Hearts Break All The Time’ is one of the great ballad tracks we have heard from this rising indie-artist,  Marion Talavera.

It explores the idea that deep down, every one of us is hurting, and that pain connects us all. Even if we know that pain is really inevitable, we basically cannot save ourselves from it no matter how hard we try to choose to be happy.


 “I hope that this song gives comfort to its listener that they are not alone and sometimes, it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to feel it and so that it can pass.”- Marion

Hearts Break All The Time’ was written by  Marion Talavera; a budding talented artist. This is the second track installment for his upcoming album to be released this year. If you haven’t heard this song yet, you can stream it on his Official Youtube account and Spotify!

Write Turn

Continuing their journey after the departure of their former Guitarist Miko Miraflores, Write Turn, now composed of Lance Miraflores (Lead Vocals and Guitars), Paolo Umali (Drums) and  Marco Semana (Bass), gives us another LSS-inducing Pop Acoustic tune, “Courtney”. 


An attempt to recollect and give everything a second try… their wish is that the song’s happy ending will be the band’s new beginning, inspiring us with their culture of love and respect, relying on God’s grace and the able guidance of Halfnote Music powered by The Orchard, N.Y.

Let us all enjoy “Courtney”, and while we wait out this pandemic, Write Turn hopes that we all keep safe and stay healthy. Contributing to help ease our everyday blues, they will be working to give us more Pop Alternative music that we can surely relate to.


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