To make sure that you guys deserve quality, fresh releases here’s another set of our OPM Disc that you might wanna add to your playlist!

Even though it’s been a very challenging year for the music industry in general to produce releases, we are truly grateful for OPM artists who continually pour their tracks weekly. So to continually support them, we are offering new groovy tunes and heartfelt music to jam along and to share with other music enthusiasts.

Come along with us in this new list of OPM Disc to feed our hunger for live performances and gigs and stream these talented artists! Who knows, these tracks might be the fresh tunes you’re looking for!

Alex Bruce

If you want to escape mundanity, discover the music of Filipina rapper Alex Bruce, who definitely continues slating digital platforms with her critical plaudits and empowering anthems. 

On top of that, she’s only 13-year-old who is absolutely known as a rap prodigy, for her hard-hitting bars and her edgy, powerful stage presence totally nailed every track she’s been releasing. Now, if you haven’t listen to her tracks yet, the young star dropped an anthem for self-empowerment especially in the face of criticisms and haters. 

You can definitely check it below to see for yourself how amazing she is!


Her ‘Go Crazy!’ track entices us into a world of another dimension and just doing her thing where everyone ‘goes crazy’ along with her, caught in her spell and relentless talent. It’s a fun-filled music video actually that showcases a bright and sophisticated environment that pretty flaunts the other side of Alex herself. 

Hailing from Batangas, Alex Bruce serves maturity in expressing herself and absolutely wows her listeners, including me eventually invited to dive into her own world of music. With her high energy kind of tracks at her young age, we could definitely say that we are so excited about what she has in store for us. 

Color The Era

For everyone who’s experiencing the terrible heartache of unrequited love, here’s the latest offering of Ron Pangyarihan who goes by the stage name, Color The Era

Just like everybody else Ron tried to come up with something amazing despite the pandemic and eventually he worked on his own music project. Earlier this year, he released “Kahit Na Hindi Tayo” and “Balang Araw”. 

Today, we’ll be listening to his latest track called ‘Ikaw Pa Rin’. 


Upon listening to it, he sounded purely like our hit OPM bands that will truly make you feel the pain of honest pieces of heartbreaks. Perhaps, we could really say that we can come up with every painful feeling into a beautiful piece of art.

Additionally, he dropped his debut single “Hanggang Kailan” last May 2019 and after some time, he signed with prominent record label Viva Records where he definitely found his home with the country’s chart-topping artists.

With his said penned Ballad pieces, we are pretty sure that we can expect more ‘hugot’ tracks from Color The Era.  For now, let’s stream his songs including his latest single “Ikaw Pa Rin” on all digital music platforms.

Meagan Trees

For getaways or simply dating your playlist, Meagan Trees is serving our heart with her latest release ‘Take Me Away’. This track really inhabits wisdom beyond years and well produced and delivered with heart-stopping quietness. 

Moreover, upon listening to this track, it somehow reflects on the importance of being vulnerable and taking risks—something that most of us aren’t willing to become.


With an understated sense of spontaneity in her storytelling approach, Meagan’s new track can leave us a mark for both personal awakening and introspection. To tell you, the folk songstress also shares that the song was based on a late-night adventure with a friend.

“We went to the beach at 3am and I thought that was such a cool, wholesome, happy experience which then led me to write ‘Take Me Away’ the next day. A few good friends, Simon and Jorbas, pitched in their ideas, I explained how I wanted this song to feel, and we came up with something very simple yet euphoric. My brother then added the guitar parts which I think made the song very youthful.” -Meagan Trees


The Dumaguete-based singer-songwriter points out also that ‘Take Me Away’ is a free-flowing track and it is willing to embrace every bit of the experience—be it good or bad, and that there’s beauty in wanting to wake up your inner child and be open to possibilities, no matter where it takes you.


I am betting that a lot of you guys can relate to DENJ’s new track where ex’s spilled something kinda irrelevant. Oops, it’s totally annoying, right? 

To tell you, ‘Alisto‘ is imbued by an irking experience of the songwriter from her first boyfriend. Like everybody else, after guarding her heart for all the heartaches, she sadly broke down her wall for someone. 

Simply put, the guy expressed his love but uttered the wrong name when he was drunk, which definitely shows that he’s not totally moved on from his past girlfriend. Relate much? Well, you can share the same sentiment with Denj below. 


Writing her songs with honesty and own style, Denj is a young Filipina singer-songwriter who takes inspiration from Folk Pop and Alternative. Her lyricism resonates with free flow and her cherry melodies would really take you to some nostalgic-ness. 

Moreover, her track ‘Alisto’ was released under DITTO Music and now available to multiple platforms including on Spotify. So, don’t forget to stream and follow her on her social media accounts!

Which of these new releases is your favorite?

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