LISTEN: Asian and International Artists Unite in a New Single ‘Rise’

Just in time, local celebrities Inigo Pascual and Sam Concepcion teamed up with various artists from around the globe for a cross-cultural single ‘RISE’.

We cannot deny how much the pandemic affected and caused a wide array of struggles in our music industry. But despite all the hindrances, a lot of music artists still striving to uplift spirits in their own unique ways in the midst of this worldwide Covid-19 situation. 

Gladly enough, Tarsier Records orchestrated an inspiring project called that features Manila-based producer Moophs, BTS’ “Black Swan” composer Vince Nantes, Grammy Award-winning R&B artist Eric Bellinger, Filipino pop stars Inigo Pascualand Sam Concepcion and Malaysian singer-songwriter, Zee Avi

The said various Asian and American artists have teamed up to make ‘Rise’ happened and entice everyone in prevailing over today’s tides and “facing a new world together.”

If you’re curious what it sounds like, well, give ‘Rise‘ a listen below now!


Written with Hope

Immersed with the beauty of metaphors and positivity, there’s no doubt that this big project can totally entice people to hold their heads high and keep the faith during this time. After we have been hunkered down inside our homes and faced heartaches, Vincent Nantes definitely flaunts his prowess in writing a powerful song that seeks for better days.

“Life is really the main story that inspired writing ‘RISE’. From the pandemic to protests, to political differences, to unfair treatment to one another as human beings, it’s a lot for all of us to digest, and I wanted to give people something they can enjoy, emotionally connect to, and believe in,” -Vince Nantes

Stretching the Project

Oh! What’s more? The star-studded project will premiere two music videos such as an animated video and a montage of the inspiring stories of humanity with messages of hope from influencers worldwide. On top of that, for the animated video, the artists will be portrayed as superheroes to face “The 2020 monster”. 

Looks like we’ll be amazed not just on the patterned verses of ‘Rise’ but also to its upcoming music videos! Yay!

This song is my answer to 2020. If we look past borders, politics, and skin color and resolve not to be divided, we can overcome anything this year throws at us.”- Moophs

Meanwhile, Concepcion also shared that the heart of the song is about rising above adversity especially in these trying times. “As artists, that is our responsibility. To lend a voice to those who have no voice by using our talent”, he said.

He also said how meaningful it was for him to be able to work with other artists around the globe.

Amidst everything that has been happening all over the world, this song absolutely tells us to hold and we will together rise in this adversity, “We’ll keep on rising”.


What do you think about their cross-cultural single ‘RISE’?

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