Lilli Queenb is one artist we shall dare not miss–automatically counts as our new favorite Indonesian music artist.

Through the years, we’ve definitely seen rapid growth in Indonesian artists getting the spotlight globally. Among our favorite global Indonesian artists are Niki of 88rising, Stephanie Poetri, famous singer of viral hit ‘I love you 3000’, Gangga who made it to our Top Rising Asian Artists chart, and then there’s little Lilli Queenb–our newest favorite Indonesian artist.


Lil’Li Latisha or most popularly known as Lilli Queenb is an up and coming musician from Indonesia who’s just like any normal teenager and loves art. Her captivating artistry is evident in her songwriting, the way she strings words as though articulating a poetic tale rather than pop prose sets her apart from everyone else in this ocean of an industry.

Her genre may be distinguished as more theatrical than pop having a style and intonation more akin to musicals. This probably stems from her upbringing, getting involved in musical plays very early on in life and until now.

Lilli QueenB Indonesian music artist

A multi-hyphenate artist of sorts, this new global Indonesian talent proves to be more than just a beautiful voice, but a graceful dancer, seasoned writer, a marvelous make-up artist, and overall, a well-rounded creator.

Lilli Queenb is a newbie in the music industry having only debuted in 2020 with her song “Dear Best Friend,” she shows great potential–a gem of an Indonesian songstress.

With her latest single “Flawed” taking off at a smooth and steady pace, we’re absolutely sure that Lilli Queenb will hit it big in no time. Not that she needs fame to prove her irrevocably talented soul. Lilli Queenb is one artist we shall dare not miss–automatically our new favorite Indonesian music artist.

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