LEWIS CAPALDI Thinks Filipino Singers Are Better Than Him

The UK-based superstar is in awe of Filipino talent.


Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi held a virtual press conference on August 18 for his Filipino fans. The event, organized by MCA music, was attended by major media outlets and other online publishers including your very own, uDOu. One of the presscon’s major highlights was when Capaldi reacted to various covers of his hits by a handful of talented local music artists.


Ysabelle Cuevas was the first to impress the international superstar with her soulful rendition of Capaldi’s arguably greatest hit up to date, “Before You Go.” During the performance, you could clearly see Lewis enjoying. “Very good voice,” he said of Ysabelle.

Next in line was Tawag ng Tanghalan standout Sam Mangubat, who also gave a breath of fresh air to Capaldi’s song.


Marlo Mortel’s take on “Someone You Love” earned a series of approval nods from the master. 


Last but definitely not the least, Raph Salazar flaunted his singing prowess in his cover of, “Someone You Love.” The way he effortlessly hit the high notes on the bridge part– which is almost impossible to do for a lot of male singers– left a lasting impression on the songwriter. 

They’re incredible!” said Lewis Capaldi of the covers.”I think they are better singers than I am! It’s always nice to see people singing my songs. Thank you very much for sharing these covers.”

Which cover of Lewis Capaldi’s songs did you like best? 

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