Where’s Ramona? EP Launch is happening this October 19! And we can’t wait any longer to be serenaded by this new indie band that’s making its way into the OPM scene!

Where’s Ramona? begun in the University of Santo Tomas back in 2015. And after performing for the university’s Pre-Paskuhan, this pop-punk indie band’s music career started taking on huge leaps in the Philippine music scene.

The OPM band consists of five talented members–– namely Mic Comia, Ivan Castro, Stephen Fortes, Conrad Capule, and Timothy Bernardino.

Where’s Ramona? has been gaining numerous supporters for the past few years, and amassing fans in packed bar gigs and events. So the band graced us last September with the release of one of their songs on Spotify, entitled ‘Kiss Me.’

This song is definitely worth the listen! That’s why we have it for you right here!

What do you think? This track really reminds us of how love feels like in this band’s melodies and captivating lyrics. And that’s just the first of their songs for their ‘The Reckless Romantic’ EP!

‘The Reckless Romantic EP’ Launch

This Friday, Where’s Ramona? is finally having their EP launch. So mark your calendars, for October 19!

And we’re excited! This Friday night gig is going to be one for the books! So make sure you’ll be there at 9pm for ‘The Reckless Romantic’ EP launch happening at Route 196!

Plus there’s going to be a sick line up! Other amazingly talented bands that you can catch at this gig are:

  • La Luna
  • Munimuni
  • Over October
  • Carousel Casualties

Yep, all these bands will be playing at Route 196 with Where’s Ramona? to support the EP launch. So make sure you’re present at this momentous night for Where’s Ramona? ’cause we’re sure it will be LIT.

We’re stoked! Especially with Where’s Ramona? posting teaser video countdowns on their social media accounts!

We hope to see you at the Where’s Ramona? EP Launch for ‘The Reckless Romantic’! For more details, feel free to message us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh.