LAUNCHES: What We “Know” So Far About Jason Mraz New Album

Popular for his hit songs like I’m Yours, I Won’t Give Up and Lucky, Jason Mraz new album Know is finally set to release this August 10. As his 6th studio album, Know serves as a follow up for his album YES! in 2014.

Amidst the breakout of pop artists turning to electro music, this multiple GRAMMY award winner remains his pop, blue-eyed soul sound, with lyrics that can still make us swoon and smile every time.

But that doesn’t equate to him being okay all these years.

“The world had changed a lot since 2012,” Mraz tells Billboard. “More people are marching for their freedoms and equality; to be seen and heard. Activism is back in style. I wrote a lot of frustrated, angry, even sad songs between then and now, but nothing I wanted to come forward with; nothing I wanted to sing.”

His Have It All song was inspired after he received a blessing from a monk during his trip to Myanmar in 2012. He wanted to spread hopeful messages through his music in the middle of the world’s chaos.

Have It All also features a film to “keep you dancing in the aisles of movie theatres nationwide celebrating the power of arts education, inclusion, and popcorn.

Although Have It All has a special place in his heart, Mraz confessed that Might As Well Dance is his favorite out of all the tracks in his new album.

Here’s another love song to inspire you—don’t you just want to hear the words I could make you unlonely?:

Mraz currently has tours in the US and Canada, and we don’t have any deets yet for his Philippines tour.

For now, relive the old days with Jason Mraz new album—his feel-good songs will never disappoint. Trust me!

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