We are super excited to hear the final product! Check out the upcoming single launch for ‘Dulo’ by Margaret.

Launches are happening here and there and we are just super excited for everything! So to add up to the long list of new music that we are looking forward to, ‘Dulo’ by Margaret will also be having a single launch next month.

In case you didn’t know, Margaret is an alternative band from Taytay, Rizal that has an influence of funk and a touch of soul. They were formed in November of 2015. Margaret

Photo taken from the official Facebook page of Margaret

This five-piece band consists of Garet (vocals), Cloyd (guitars), Kidd (guitars), Eric (bass) and Bado (drums).

Their launch for their upcoming single ‘Dulo’ will happen on November 16, 8pm at The 70s Bistro.

A sneak peak

If you want to have a glimpse on how the song will sound like, check out their video below. After all, we should know what kind of song we should be looking forward to!

Immediately, we were struck by the singer’s strong vocals. Moreover, we feel like ‘Dulo’ would be a song that is totally relatable for a lot of people. Based on what we heard, here are some lyrics from the song:

Mahal kita pero ayaw na ng tadhana
Wakasan ang ating ligaya
Ayoko nang ibigan ka
Ika’y malaya na

Pardon us, some of the lyrics above may be inaccurate. However just from reading those, we could feel how the message of the song will be. Perhaps, it will be about letting go of someone you love. Moreover, it may be because of wrong timing or other factors that just serve as a hindrance to the relationship.

Dulo Single Launch

If the snippet from the song was enough to entice you, then come to the very special single launch of Dulo! Below are some of the details regarding the event.

Dulo Single Launch

Photo taken from the official Twitter account of Margaret

As you can see, an awesome lineup of artists is waiting for you! Unique, Brisom, Bita & The Botflies, EAAASY, Lucid Moon, Mei Tarce – what more are you waiting for?

Are you looking forward to this single launch by Margaret? What do you think of the snippet of their upcoming song? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.