Got anywhere to go this Saturday? No? Cool! Go check out Furiosa as they will be ending the year with the Washington Drama Club EP Launch and it’s going to be the bomb!

Furiosa is back yet again as they showcase another amazing rising artist in the indie scene. They’re surely giving our amazing emerging artists an opportunity to come together and show us what they’ve got!

This month, Furiosa Year Ender will be held at Mow’s bar, 24th of November (Saturday) and the night’s highlight will be none other than the Washington Drama Club EP launch!

And if our words aren’t convincing enough, let the line-up speak for how awesome it’s going to be!

The Lineup and Event Proper

This Furiosa Year Ender is gonna be one hell of a party! Not only will The Washington Drama Club be releasing their ‘Yada Yada Yada’ EP, but we’ve got these sick bands to watch out for!

– AlienMonk
– Cancer City
– Earthmover
– The Mad Lilacs
– Our Inflatable Friends
– The Rave Tapes
– The Shocking Details
– The Strangeness
– Through the Waves
– Unmute
– Washington Drama Club

So if you want to catch them and other rising artists/bands rock out live, go and attend the event! Furiosa Year Ender starts 4 in the afternoon and entrance fee is only P250.00!

The Washington Drama Club

Washington Drama Club is a spectacular band consisting of Ahmad Tanji (vocals/guitars), Mary Whitney (vocals/guitars), Bijan Gorospe (bass), Evee Kae Simon (keys/vocals), John Jason Rodriguez (drums) from their hometowns Bicol/Manila.

This Saturday, the Washington Drama Club will be launching their very first EP cassette tape called the ‘Yada Yada Yada’ in the event! And we are so excited to hear their first-ever baby!

Can’t wait? Here’s one of their singles from their EP called ‘Lucid Dreamer’!

What a great track right! Imagine witnessing the release of their EP this Saturday! So if we were you, we’d definitely clear our schedule already. 😉

Are you excited for the Washington Drama Club EP Launch? Let us know down the comments below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Let’s celebrate our incredible indie artists together!