After a while without social media updates, Twenty One Pilots finally tweeted a teaser for us to know that they’re actually coming back. The Grammy award winning duo—known for their hits like Stressed Out, Ride, and Heathenswas off limelight since July last year, and the two sent out emails to their subscribers—that you actually have to decode very well—before they tweeted these:

Their cryptic messages didn’t make sense until this Wednesday, when they confirmed about their upcoming album Trench, which will be available this October 5.

Twenty One Pilots’ first song, Jumpsuit, has already broken a record with its music video gaining the #1 trending status on YouTube the same day it was released. The duo’s record label Fueled by Ramen said that the video received about 5.2 million plays during its first day.

Compared to their previous songs, Jumpsuit is probably the most rock they’ve ever tried, though they still incorporated their old sound.

Nico and the Niners, on the other hand, sounds close to their Stressed Out. 

In case you missed it, they mentioned jumpsuit in both songs. If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll see the backstory as somewhat meaningful, but if you just listened to them recently, then it can be confusing—still, at least you weren’t there dreading during their one-year hiatus.

Twenty One Pilots’ Bandito tour starts in October in the US. We don’t have any deets yet if they’re coming back to Manila after their tour in 2015, but hopefully they will!