“It’s just a song to get by but doesn’t mean your feelings are going to change after that – and it’s okay.” says songwriter Josh Buizon.

Written by Buizon also the band’s frontman, when he was in college seemingly lost himself, as we often are at that point in our own lives, thinking about what lies ahead of graduation. Although the band didn’t feel that it was a song appropriate for them at the time, they revisited the song almost a year later and finished arrangements all in one night.

“It’s like a quarter-life crisis put into a song, we were on the same page that time which I think made us able to finish everything in one night”, said Janessa Geronimo, the band’s drummer.

This track off the pop/alt-rock band’s latest album ‘Press Play’ emphasizes that although you made mistakes and are wandering sort of aimlessly now while everybody seems to have it all figured out, it’s okay and perfectly normal to feel adrift. The songwriter also shares, “Lost is one of the songs that didn’t have an ending, it doesn’t have a resolution. It’s just, ‘I messed up and I don’t know what to do,’ that’s what ‘Lost’ is for me.”

Another main point of the song is something that we should all keep in mind especially when 2020 has been hitting us hard with anxiety and distress over the world taking on possibly its worst shape yet; it’s that you don’t have to force yourself to make everything ok again. Lead guitarist Josh Lua illustrates this well saying, Di naman kailangan lahat ng bagay ay ma-resolve agad natin.

We hope this song gives you the peace of mind you’re hoping dawns on you if you’re ever in a rough patch right now. Hang tight, friends!

Listen to ‘Lost’ and all other tracks from Over October’s freshest release ‘Press Play’ out now on all streaming platforms.


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