The king’s music lives on!

There is a song by Lukas Graham called ‘You’re Not The Only One’, where the hitmakers behind the iconic song 7 Years reiterated– as if proving a point– the lines, “Please give me a Redemption Song, I need one real bad. No one seems to write them now that John and Bob are dead.” Lukas is not the only one channeling that Bob Marley energy for the sake of today’s audiences.

Sun Is Shining out on July 17

Another artist dares to reconnect the younger generation to Marley’s legacy, breathing new life to one of his classics. Four years since the last Bob Marley remix called Is This LoveRobin Schulz, a DJ/producer from the German city of Osnabrück who conquered the world to share his music– a very Marley-sque move– is set to launch his take on Sun Is Shining.


A trippy, groovy reggae that came from Bob Marley & The Wailers’ 1995 album, Natural Mystic, Sun Is Shining is that song you could declare to be a perfect example of a timeless sound. Lyrically and melodically, this is a classic Bob Marley reminding you to see the positive side of life. It was actually revealed that this song was a song of praise, thanking Jah for a bright, new sunny day.

Even in 2020, Sun Is Shining could have easily claimed a good spot in the Billboard charts with its soul-satisfying tunes and psychedelic vibes that were too much for its time. That’s maybe the reason why Robin Schulz had chosen it.

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What’s your favorite Bob Marley song?

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